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Thread: Recent raffle on Discord - 20.07.2021

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    Unhappy Recent raffle on Discord - 20.07.2021

    I have tried to contact the one who made this raffle - Sarsilas but I didn't get any answer for a few days so I have decided to start this thread.

    It's nice there was finally a raffle for player characters again ( I have missed last one sadly ) and I was happy to join this one BUT it was only for 24 hours...
    So here I ask you, was that a joke ?

    Raffle started at 5 am european time and I have noticed it when I got back from work at around 6-7 pm EU time and I was happy there is another raffle I could finally join but didn't read last sentence saying its only 24 hours so from 5 am to 5 am, I was too tired after work and didnt entered thinking I could do it next day morning, well I am not a teenager anymore so I don't have as much energy as I used to have ...

    I can't recall any announcement about this raffle beginning that particular day, so it should last at least 72 hours in this case.

    Also why from 5 am to 5 am ?
    Maybe you guys forgot thare are actually quite a lot of players from Europe too ? I mean America isn't the only continent on the planet.
    if you really must make it only 24 hours you could make the hours more civilized at least, like from 10 am to 10 am

    I don't expect to be taken into this raffle out of mercy now or anything, but still I am sad the person who organized this didn't took into account that there are actually ppl in Istaria from Europe and that not everyone are teenagers sitting on Discord 24h.

    As a 14 years Istaria player I just wanted to let you know you let me down again, Istaria.

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    Default Re: Recent raffle on Discord - 20.07.2021

    I understand your anger, Mitar


    But they ve said there will be a next time- lets go for that:-)
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Default Re: Recent raffle on Discord - 20.07.2021

    My apologies for not replying to you swiftly on Discord, but I'm currently on vacation and am not actively present on our official channels.

    To clear concern, I'll reiterate - and expand on - what I wrote in reply to Mitar so others can hear as well.

    The raffle ran for only 24 hours on both Discord and the forums because we are close to release, and the two artists who work on loading images (myself and Zaroclaw) were very close to going away from our home workstations for a few weeks. We've been exceptionally busy leading up to this working on the update, so we were on short notice to get the loading screen in a workable state for the update, if it launches while we're not present.

    Instead of dropping the idea of involving players, we ran the raffle for 24 hours instead of a more preferable 48 or 72, so we had enough time to complete the image before having to leave. The time frame was affected by this was well; it was launched at 11pm EST as that was the earliest time I could launch it with all information included and leave myself enough time to finish it before leaving.

    In the future, we will give longer notice before raffles. As with our events, we also try to release important things around 12pm EST/4pm UTC, which will be our aim for future raffles. This raffle was the exception and not the rule.
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