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    An addition to my above statement. Khemarius also sits in Chiconis. He is now in three locations. The one in Chiconis is hard to find and he moves around. I do not know how your map will handle this but he is in three locations. Just a heads up for those future dragon hatchlings that need to find him. Thanks for your efforts. Misunder on Order.

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    I wish to add some things about the new map pack mod. 4.0. It seems to not show others players around you unless you are standing right next to them. Many NPCs now are invisible until you get right next to them also. The drain bolt dragon is in many places now including the Healing Tower. He does not show on map unless you are next to him and disappears as soon as you leave him. Many new locations in destroyed Tazoon and surrounding area are not showing on map. They appear as a blank square or some other odd sprite. I do not know if this helps you with the map or not. Just letting you know. Fatuous on Order

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    Chiconis map is slightly off. Many areas are black now. It's a lot like NT was before you corrected it. Thanks. Misunder on Order

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    There's a new map pack released released on Dec 31 that corrects the Chiconis map -

    Sorry I forgot to announce that here. I also plan on releasing a new version this month with some updates to the map window itself.

    There's some improvement to the map windows on the vanilla install that's currently on Blight. I intend to release a new map pack as soon as the client on Blight moves to Live Shards; that will have the two .def's in the theme folder.
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