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Thread: Map Pack 4.0

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    An addition to my above statement. Khemarius also sits in Chiconis. He is now in three locations. The one in Chiconis is hard to find and he moves around. I do not know how your map will handle this but he is in three locations. Just a heads up for those future dragon hatchlings that need to find him. Thanks for your efforts. Misunder on Order.

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    I wish to add some things about the new map pack mod. 4.0. It seems to not show others players around you unless you are standing right next to them. Many NPCs now are invisible until you get right next to them also. The drain bolt dragon is in many places now including the Healing Tower. He does not show on map unless you are next to him and disappears as soon as you leave him. Many new locations in destroyed Tazoon and surrounding area are not showing on map. They appear as a blank square or some other odd sprite. I do not know if this helps you with the map or not. Just letting you know. Fatuous on Order

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    Chiconis map is slightly off. Many areas are black now. It's a lot like NT was before you corrected it. Thanks. Misunder on Order

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    There's a new map pack released released on Dec 31 that corrects the Chiconis map -

    Sorry I forgot to announce that here. I also plan on releasing a new version this month with some updates to the map window itself.

    There's some improvement to the map windows on the vanilla install that's currently on Blight. I intend to release a new map pack as soon as the client on Blight moves to Live Shards; that will have the two .def's in the theme folder.
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    Map Pack v22.2.23 is now available.
    Features: N/A
    Fixes: Map UI windows now matches what the vanilla game uses on Live Client 404.196.1 (Release Feb 22, 2022)
    Updates: 71 markers/updates has occurred since last update.

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    I downloaded the installation file and tried to install it, but it says "A later version of 'Map Pack 4.0' is already installed on this machine. The setup cannot continue".According to my registry, I have Map pack 21.12.31 installed. According to the setup.ini in the installer, it wants to install 21.2.23.I think you missed changing a majoc version number as it should be 22.2.23. and.... why the goddamn hell can't this forum keep my linebreaks?? Two different browsers. I enter text WITH many linebreaks, and upon preview or sending they're gone! :-(
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    yeap i got it too, just now......
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    Well, that's disappointing. I even remember to thinking to myself to be sure to advance the 21 to 22. Major Fail! Updated Installer has been uploaded.
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    There have been some reports of map pack reporting 'Missing Map File' after you ran the update installer. In that case, please re-run the installer one more time, this should fix it.

    If not, please contact Cegaiel.

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    Map Pack v22.3.15 is now available.
    Features: N/A
    Fixes: This update only includes an updated UIMiniMapWindow.def. There are no marker updates at this time.

    This updated file will allow you to double click the coordinates, on Mini-Map, and have those coordinates correctly show in group window.

    Note you can actually test this without being in a group. You can create a new tab (call it Group or whatever) and click Chat Settings. Choose Group checkbox. Double click will show output in this tab (or any other tabs that has Group checked).

    This feature seems to have been broken for years. It works now! Note this fix is also coming down the pipes for the Vanilla install as well, soon.

    Bonus, on Client v404.203 or higher (Coming to Blight, soon), it'll also show the region of your coordinates ie "My position is 22252, 26007 ( Duskhold )" is an example to how the text will appear to your group, soon. The old method didn't show region name.

    Updates: 0 markers/updates has occurred since last update.

    Also, some of the past couple of comments regarding errors when using installer on the last update. This should be fixed now. I renamed the MSI installer files from 3.7 to 4.0. Apparently I skipped school the day when they said that I need to force a major upgrade when doing this vs a patch. I've done this now. So beware the installer may force you to un-install the previous version first. This will probably be a good idea, too. If it prompts you to uninstall the previous version first, choose Yes.

    I've also renamed the Product from "Map Pack 4.0" to "Map Pack 4.0 Mod for Istaria". The main reason I've done this is because this is the title that appears on the Windows Control Panel's Uninstall App feature. I've found some old mods listed there and the name was deceiving and I wasn't sure if it was a mod or an actual program I've installed in the past. Hopefully the new name will make it more clear so you can decide whether to leave it installed or not if you ever attempt to clean up installed programs in future.

    You'll want this new .def to take advantage of the Mini Map's double click coordinates feature to work immediately. When new client patches out, this feature will also show region name, too.
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    Map Pack v22.6.1 is now available.
    Features: Temp-DEV map #6022 - Nothing useful for players; it's just a blank map that only displays for devs for testing purposes; while using map pack.
    Fixes: N/A
    Updates: 91 markers/updates has occurred since last update.

    Sorry but there aren't going to be hardly any spoilers for the latest deltas. This update is mainly catching up some things after the Feb 23, 2022 update. Any new monsters, etc likely won't be listed. Hopefully our volunteers will have time to start updating and adding things for the next release. Happy Hunting!
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