back from an unintended break, I did some exploring..

Augh- omg- what a wonder full idea, full of nice little details that make me smile and that make Augh a lively place.
Very well done. Grats for the idea and and realisation of it!!

But I came to Shelter pass
it took away my breath and made my heart jump
What an area , what a landscape
so full of magic
of taste
of deep sense what Istaria s soul means
so much beauty
THANK YOU SO MUCH DEVS- for that piece of Istarian art

And what is best:
There are 3 plots
and that gifted plotbuilder managed perfectly to catch the mood and the spirit that I mentioned above
when he planned and created 3 wonderful places that fit exactly there- and no where else.
I am very impressed
for the joy I have visiting and exploring your plots.
Once there was a plot that was named "Hearts ease" it was build by my GL In Mia s
This is a good name for your plots too.

ok I know that is much compliments^^ But as I m so excited- it could not be less^^