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Thread: I felt like a child

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    Default I felt like a child

    who took a peek through the keyhole on Christmas Eve,
    when I visited Korelia Winter.

    Its heartbreaking its well thought its made with so much love and taste.
    Its stunning

    I always wished the winter event a bit more homey more inviting and warm and more lively..
    THATS what it is now

    Looking forward for Gnomekindle time
    Thank you so much!!!

    And yes I know I m not only late but also slowly in exploring^^
    And Korelia Winter deserves an extra thread,-)
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    Default Re: I felt like a child

    i am thinking of putting the current questline on hold to do a 'reacquintence' tour. the screenies look gorg!!!
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    Default Re: I felt like a child

    ohhh -what a surprise.

    As Flame and me are all alone at home during Christmas days- second year now- due to Covid-
    what a joy and comfort we can go to such a lively place

    Thank you

    it sparkles right into our hearts:-)
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    Default Re: I felt like a child

    Gnomes know how to make a festival and party! Thanks Devs for helping them.
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    Default Re: I felt like a child

    What a surprise for NewYears s Eve

    Here in Germany is kinda lockdown- and NO fireworks at all

    I know where I will be in a few h

    all who have no other plans:

    There is a party going on in New Korelia Winter

    I m speechless

    THANK YOU Devs!!!!!
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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