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    I seem to have trouble with long term stuns from Rotted Priests in area between Parsinia and Crystal Lakes. They stun me for 30 seconds. I can take no actions and everything freezes. I can not heal or anything during those 30 seconds. As soon as the 30 seconds are up, the priests cast stun again. There is NO immunity for any period of time from stuns. Thus I get to do 1 thing after stun fades. If I cast Refreshing Breeze, it heals me 1 time, then freezes no longer healing and fades away. I can not leave the area until dead. When I die, I can not cast recall because I am stunned. I have to wait until the stun is gone to recall. I thought everything was supposed to be removed when you died. I set watching an undead Saris Priest laughing at me while trying to recall. After the 30 seconds, I recalled. During the fight, I tried using tail whip to stun the priest, this NEVER caused the Rotted Priest any problems at all. My tail whip did NOT keep him from casting his stun or from fighting me. Is it right that my "STUN" does not work while theirs does? I have been hit by stun before and lasted to the end of the stun and was able to fight till they died. This stun never allows me to fight again or cast Recall until I am dead. Even death does not remove their stun. What is going on?
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    Also, what is up with forums? I log into forums and write my message. When I go to preview my message, I have to log into forums again. If I change page at all, I have to log in again. When I post my message, I have to log again. Why am I logging out of forums every time I try to do something? Also, the message area will NOT allow me to add any emojis. It just ignores any of the emojis you have.

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    I think the whole stun thing should be changed. We can't cleanse away the stuns of many mob and some stuns last too long. The one you are talking about seems like it should be fixed. 30 seconds? WOW. I suppose if you are in a group the mob maybe can only stun one of you but solo it's a problem. After I am stunned I see an icon that says I am temporarily stun resistant but they get the same buff if I can stun them.
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    Stuns are not intended to keep you locked forever, which is the reason we have stun resistance that applies after a stun happens. (As well as roots and mesmerizes) Recently, a change to an ability on a player school, Heroic Shout, caused an issue in which the resistance after the effect was not applied properly. As some monsters use the ability as well, this caused players to be eternally stunlocked.

    We've since hotfixed this issue by removing the ability from all monsters. However, it requires a server restart, which Order has not had just yet. You won't see this issue anymore after Tuesday morning!

    In the meantime, you can remove the Confused II debuff by right clicking and removing it. This is technically not intended, but we are purposefully keeping the functionality in place until players are no longer plagued by the stunlock issue.

    Rotted Priests themselves do not get Heroic Shout, but monsters around them - such as Urden's Blade - and other monsters like Rotted Guards did. Judging by your post, it sounds like this is the issue you are having.

    If it is not the Confused II debuff that is locking you down, please let us know so we can investigate further!

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I stopped fighting the Priests after so much trouble. I will now go back and try these. The Skeletons around Sslantis also have this stun. The Skeles with the tamed spiders. Thanks again. Misunder on Order

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    Not sure of the name of the stun. But if you fight more than one Skele. with the stun, it becomes impossible to remove the second stun. The Spider Tamers around Sslantis have it. Tvroth has it. All my deaths are because I can not remove this stun. Misunder on Order

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    Default Re: Long Term Stuns

    Judging by the classes of the named monsters, it definitely seems like it's Heroic Shout / Confused II that's stunning you. Thankfully, it will be fixed by tomorrow's maintenance for Order. If it persists after, please let us know.

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