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    After all these years of taking dragons up through the levels, there was never any problem with doing the Drain Bolt quests. They were a pain, because of the dragon who gives you these quests, seemed to always add on. Now I try to do them again. Well the dragon who gives you these quests is now in three locations. Isn't that nice. If you search for him on the map, it only shows the location at Kira.. The second quest come out of Chiconis. He is very hard to find and he moves around. Once you get his second Drain Bolt quest, you must go to Kion to continue. The Spiritist Saris in Kion is the one you talk to. Once you talk to Her, the quest hangs. The Spiritist Saris links for this quest do NOT!!!!!! work. You can click on them all day without result. There is a way around it. Close the quest and open it again and the Saris acts like you accepted the quest. You then go and find this new island below the bridge. Corsair Island is not hard to get to but it is empty. There are only a few grave markers there but NO!!!! dead corsairs. I walked over over this area and found nothing. Where oh where are the dead corsairs?????? I need to do the second Drain Bolt quest so I can do the third one. Please look into this. I am impatiently waiting. Thank you. Misunder Stood on Order

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    All of the applicable issues are already corrected for a very-soon-to-be-launched fixer Delta.

    It sounds like you were using map pack to find the location of Khemarius. We do not officially update or support map pack, so we cannot make any changes / updates to those markers.

    If you send in a ticket, we can assist you in advancing your quest past the broken corsair spawn.

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    Yes, one of the devs. has already done this for me. Thanks Mich. After that quest, I went looking for a slate golem named Grey. Well there is no golem named Grey in the game at this moment. Mich. has also shown me where this golem spawns, which is on Scorpion Island. Yet his name is Slag. Please try to fix some of these quests when you are able. Misunder on Order

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    Thank you. The majority of these issues are fixed in the mentioned "fixer" delta we have coming soon to Blight. Thank you for playing.
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