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    So here I am near Acul, on the little islands, getting ice crystals to make ice blocks. I would like to strenuosly complain in my squeaky gnome voice that I seem to spend a LOT of time walking around trying to find the next crystal node. They are too far apart and there are not enough of them. Only one can gather there at a time for sure. Can you please increase the number of the crystal nodes Please Please Please?
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    yes pls do that asap

    Now its time for winter plots soon..

    And its a waste of precious online time just walking around there- looking for a node..

    and as Cixi says- if there is another one gathering..
    not a good situation

    Thank you:-)
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    The number of resource nodes in the region has been doubled, and a hot fix applied to all shards. This takes effect after next maintenance, so check out next tuesday.

    Happy early Christmas!

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    did I ever mention.?


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    YAY! Thank you very much!
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