We've had to shut the servers down again due to an issue with the active quests on many characters being deleted, we're going to have to revert the hotfix and rollback the player database to before the hotfix was applied (so before maintenance today) - the good news is that everyone's quests will be restored, but if anything was done during the time the server was up earlier then unfortunately that's going to be rolled back as well.

Our priority right now is restoring everyone's quests and getting the server back up, the process is estimated to take around 4 hours, once things are back up and running and confirmed fixed we'll be doing a full investigation into what could have caused something like this to happen - we're very sorry for the inconvenience and we'll be addressing what's happened and the consequences of it as soon as the investigation is done.

We'll let everyone know once the shards are back up and running again, thank you very much for being patient with us and we'll do our best to get things working again quickly!