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Thread: Some Questions Since Fixer Delta

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    Several things I have noticed lately. Maybe someone could explain what is going on. I went to the spider nests just north of Augh. These are the shadow Tarants. They are all grouped into one spot and do not move. While fighting them I got many errors. They do not count as a kill unless I am standing on top of them. Are these spiders supposed to just sit grouped in one spot? The error messages are continuous while in this area. Another thing I have noticed several times now. When I cast one of the dragon breezes, it works while not in combat. It no longer heals when in combat. Is this something new? What good are healing breezes if they do not work during combat? My instant heal works but nothing else. Another thing is some times (more often than not) my dragon does not heal any over time outside of combat. When did this change?
    Thank you. Fatuous on Order

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    The tarentulas have been fixed for the next Delta, but we couldn't find anything wrong with Breeze spells or abilities (they heal in combat). Do you use a specific one?

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    Neither Rejuvenating Breeze or Quickening Breeze work for me during combat. They work while not in combat. Fatuous on Order

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    We're really sorry for the delay getting back to you - are you still having an issue with the Breezes?

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