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    I read this small article yesterday and felt like sharing it with everyone:

    I think thats a pretty cool idea. I grew up in family that never prioritized presents - it was always dinner with family and usually token presents afterward.

    Being in a different location now and with husbands family, I found rules in America different and a bit shocking. I am very glad to say that my other part of heart doesnt pay much attention to presents either, and offered a present-less Christmases in future. I felt a huge relief. We tend to do small niceties to each other during year that come unasked / no special event, and they feel a lot more right thing to do and much nicer.

    I think that small symbolic presents during Christmas are okay to show that you think of someone. (but not extravagant)

    How do you feel / whats your opinion / what kind of culture did you grow up in related to this? I am curious how people feel about this topic.

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    It's pretty much similar what my family does. Presents are absolutely optional. People would not like you to give them any. But being together on that one day as a family is absolutely mandatory, at least for me. Sadly I cannot visit my parents this year, they're both on quarantine. But I'll visit them on new year instead so all is fine.

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    Considering I have one less family member, there's nearly nobody anyway to give gifts to. I'll gift some fabrics to a good friend because she often works with the sewing machine.
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    yes- This article does not sound strange to me.

    No Christmas gifts for adults
    only for children-and pets:-)

    What we do- traditionally - We play a game :
    (we use to have family AND friends with us at Christmas evening/night *sigh* if its not covid around)
    sit around a table.
    All been told to buy a very nice gift for him/herself -spend not more than 5-10Euro.
    Something like a nice cup or glass, good chocolate, a lip stick or lotion for hands, a men s magazine- (cars or comps or..^^) a cigar, little piece of Xmas decoration..aso . Something YOU like.
    Then we agree on how long the game should last. 10 min? 15?
    As we found out in the years before there is much fun and laughter.. so better give it a bit longer.. and it depends on how many folks are around.

    Then we start rolling the dice (only one needed)-our present on the table in front of us (gift wrapped to make it harder is allowed- but we do not)

    got a 1 or 6 ? You have to change present with a player of your choice (or get yours back if you lost it)
    got a 2 or 3? Pass your present and the dice to your neighbor to the left.
    got a 4 or 5? Pass the present in front of you to your neighbor to the right.

    What is the sense behind? To get back what you bought for yourself cause you liked it- or get something you like more..
    (so lipstick /playboy magazine is not that fair to bring as your present- it s good for a laugh- but all depends on your coplayers-you should talk about before you plan to play it)

    When time is over an alarm clock rings.. and the lady got the magazine and the guy the lip stick^^^^..well
    it not against rules to offer your not wanted gift to someone else during Christmas evening.

    I hope you got the point its not easy to explain things like that in a foreign language
    anyway- have fun if you try it:-)
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