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Thread: Elite Quest I can't solo

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    Default Elite Quest I can't solo

    So I'm a dragon doing the dragon quests in Kion and one in particular has me sent to kill elite mobs that I can't solo. What do I do? I don't know anyone in game so I can't ask for help and I can't finish this quest by myself.

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    I can't ask for help
    You always can ask For example in the Marketplace channel. Depending on which shard you are, I'm sure there are at least some people who are willing to help.Plus you'll get to meet with some new people then.
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    I think I will do just that thank you. I wasn't even thinking about the channels.

    EDIT: Am I allowed to ask for help in the marketplace channel even though I assume the channel is for trading?

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    There are no actual rules governing the topic of chat channels in-game beyond what players decide. So you won't get in trouble. From what I've seen, most players use Marketplace as the hub channel to talk in, so you'd fit right in.

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    Ah ok thanks for the info.

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    Which quest are you referring to? The monsters the quests send you to kill should be right around your level and therefore killable.
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    Join a Guild and ask them if you will get help from them...

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