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    I had the quest were i had to kill the werewolf in the force field.

    so I first did break the forcefield and then caste a perfect multicast II dark cyclone on the beast before it has seen me.

    effect werewolf dies instantly and the quest doesn't finisch. and i get thrown out of the towers force field.

    this was for oldin yesterday on order

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    Instakills often does not let the kill count for anything. It is the same for other quests, where you have to kill X beings. If you instakill them, they often do not count, I guess because they weren't "in combat" because they haven't attacked once. Best to use a small attack first and then the big boom.
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    Also, if you cast the spell from the bridge, the simulation considers you exploit perching and you don't get experience nor credit for the kill. You need to be on the ground.

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    probably true but in this case the bridge is the primairy aproach. so a lot of distance people will start the combat from the bridge. also i didn't notice a change from coming of the bridge and being on it. So the bridge as struckture isn't recogniseble as being a problem. also you feight the forfield oin the bridge without problems. and from that position close to the forcefield you are in range of the werewolf.

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    Unfortunately, this is not something that can be corrected easily as it involves a core part of the server. Thank you for the report.
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