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Thread: Talk to the Team: Loading Screen Tips

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    Default Talk to the Team: Loading Screen Tips

    When you load in Istaria, the game will give you one of many randomly chosen tidbits from a list of potential tidbits. These have been unchanged for many years - leaving a lot of outdated or outright incorrect information in the game.

    For the next client update, we have reviewed all of the lines that can cycle onto the loading screen. We have removed ones that have run their course, fixed some grammar and spelling issues, and updated a few messages that had slight inaccuracies. Additionally, we have pulled lore that is still considered correct from the old Patcher Tips file; they can now randomly rotate into the loading screen.

    Outside of what we can come up with as a team, however, we would like to see more variety in the time of advice given to players through the loading window. No better advice can be given to players than what is given by other players, so we reach out to you - if you wish to help out, feel free to submit a tip by replying to this thread or the thread on Discord!

    Some guidance:
    • Please keep your tip under 250 characters if possible.
    • All tips will be credited to the person giving them; please give us a name we can refer to you by. If you are submitting it as a group, feel free to give us your guild name or refer to multiple people (within reason).
    • Try not to refer to things that are transient or player-made, such as guilds, plots, and chat channels.
    • You are welcome to be silly, but we are unlikely to include very many funny or joke tips unless they truly stand out.
    • You are welcome to come up with a 'tip' that is a lore or game tidbit that you find interesting and feel would be enticing to see on a loading screen.

    We will not be using everything given to us, depending on volume, but will likely be choosing the most helpful and unique comments. This is not a contest with any sort of placement or promised rewards!

    If you do not wish to submit a tip publicly, feel free to send in a ticket at

    For the new list of all loading screen tips, please see this document.

    Have fun!

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    Default Re: Talk to the Team: Loading Screen Tips

    This does not apply directly to the text you're talking about, but when first logging on to the game, some of the pictures have images in them that are not found in the game at all. Been like that for years. I should abstain from commenting on your gnome slander. But of course I can't keep my squeaky little gnome voice quiet. I have never bit anyone, I have other means of attack, thank you.
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    Default Re: Talk to the Team: Loading Screen Tips

    Thank you to everyone for their submissions! We received a wide variety of fun tips and had to do some head scratching to narrow it down. We finally settled on the following list. We had to slightly adjust the wording of some tips for brevity, grammar, or clarity, but tried our best to avoid any adjustments.

    When looking for a place to work on your crafting skills, it is a good idea to look for plots or lairs owned by the other Gifted near rich resource fields - it's usually much more efficient than relying only on the Imperial vaults and machines. - Baalthus

    Keep calm and Gold Rage. - Choloqtzin

    Remember to always to have a combat stance on for a boost to your combat abilities! - Alatum

    If you double click on a structure on a plot, it may have public storage. You may use these structures to store your raw materials, but make sure to maintain proper storage etiquette! - Zonyae Ambrose

    Your vault doubles as a personal silo that's available at any vault keeper. Make sure it's upgraded! - Ranqthas

    Tired of moving multiple items around one at a time? Try holding down the CTRL key when clicking on items in your inventory and you can select multiple items at once! - Myirdroth

    You can use your hotkeys for more than just buffs or attacks! Like switching gear or even performing actions! Just right click for the popup menu and select Edit Hotkey to explore all the choices. Don't forget to always press the + button, though, or your macros will fail to save as desired. - Ayselle

    If you unlinked your Cargo Disk and forgot where you parked it, you can look up its name in your map's search bar to find its position in the world. - sunburn

    New in this world and in need of guidance? Seek out higher-level players or those who have been in Istaria for a long time. Many older players are delighted to lend a hand or wing to the new, and many guild-specific chat channels in the general chat roster are open and welcoming to all for that very purpose. Never be afraid to ask! - Syrahlia Feathercaster

    If you wait, the loading screen will end. - Lumien Hazaar
    Thank you again to everyone! Additional tips from our team were also added alongside these, but we'll leave those for you to find!

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