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Thread: what is wrong with challenge master

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    Default what is wrong with challenge master

    challenge out side the arena of tyzoon is very slow in responding.

    If i give a challenge I can tolk 80 time issue that challenge 20 time before it finally gets accepted. then i have to tolk to him an other 50 times before the arena is opened and then I have to entre the arena 20 times before the challenged aopears. than I have to attack 2 times before combat start which then response normally.

    Oldin on order

    PS (all times are counted)

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    Ok stranger still but explaneble now and interesting ad the same time

    Marble in the same position doesn't suffer from the same problem may be a bid slowish but not reconisible as problem.

    memory use4s yertaday it i remember correctly were some thingk like 1900000 against 2400000 but to day they are 2400000 against 2360000 so not allthat different will chekc the responce

    but ad the landing plot in aughundell the memory useages are 1997512 and 1939812

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    marble is good speed but oldin is still very slow i responce

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    Hi there! This is a known issue with the Challenge Master that we're investigating, we'll get this lag fixed! This appears to be a server lag issue and not an issue with your game client.

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