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Thread: 4gb patch and memmory

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    Default 4gb patch and memmory

    dear all,

    Yesterday i started using the 4gb patch

    what this does is it changes a setting on th eprogram that is written as 32bit.
    the setting it changes is that it will allow 4gb to be used for the program. and not leving a part of the memory for the operating system.
    never use it when you have 4gb or less memory on your computer, probably you need to have 8gb internal memory for it to be used (for single log in) 12 for double login. because also java want some memory its self

    so using this patch i changed the memory allowens from 2.3gb to 4gb for the istaria aplication.

    now chenking in morning light the memery usage did change stil 1.8gb about. but when going to the arena in tyzoon, a memory very heavy area.

    first of all the memory usage did go up from 2.3gb to 3.3gb so the idee worked
    the comunication delay with chalange was a small bid better stil acword for oldin ( highlevel dwarf) workeble for marble (highlevel dragon)
    I also noticed that marble requires less memory to run then oldin. and starting up marble is much quicker then oldin.

    so it looks like this is really a matter of over load in communication between server and client. there is a long delay between the client telling the server something and the server resonding back. espicially for oldin. So no real gain here.

    later i got also a out of mememory error on oldin, but that was after more time then normal in playing in the Tyzoon area.

    seeing this happen. I came to the conclusion that we are not looking ad a memory leak (= memmory slowing filling up with things that cannot be cleared), because if that was the case it would have lasted much longer before the memory would have filled up ( factor of 4 ad least not 1.5 i got), But we are looking ad that either windows or java is not telling that the memory is cleared, because the system is to bussie filling it up and doing other calculations, therefore it doesn't know that the memory is free to be used.

    I know these are different things and i think its windows not doing it job properly I have seen that effect also when using excell. if you have two big sheets. and open one then close it and then open the other then the momory use is less then then open one opening the other and then closing the first one. I time this then get corrected when you don't do anything. but keeps if you are doing heavy calculations.

    So my conclusion
    1) 4gb patch does it job creating more memory for the aplication to run
    2) there is to much information send between client and server so that the communication can create a very real delay (about half a minute ithink)
    3) windows needs to be told (if possible) to give free cleared memmory.

    although this is a software discussion i think this is the right place to post this

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    Default Re: 4gb patch and memmory

    Hi there! Thanks for going to the effort to check this out!

    The setting you're referring to is called "Large Address Aware" or LAA, and Istaria is already set to be large address aware (I double checked before posting this!) so the program you've posted unfortunately won't have an effect (since the memory usage can be variable and different circumstances affect it, that might contribute to the test seeming like it helped). The base Istaria client can also reach 3GB of memory usage, the issue is that some areas like Tazoon are using way too much memory and there are also some memory leaks that can add up if you teleport from large cities to other large cities too quickly.

    The good news is we have fixes for these issues (the fixes drop the memory usage in Tazoon by as much as 1GB!), the majority of the wasted memory is being used by textures that are being duplicated and issues with physics memory, with these fixes in place the situation should be much better, it's being worked on!

    Istaria may have less memory to use than normal if there's multiple clients running at once (duel logging or more) and there's not enough RAM on the computer for it to be able to provide 3GB uninterrupted to each - if this is the case, the client may run out of memory before reaching the usual 3GB limit.

    As a final generic note from the developers, we recommend that players don't apply third party patches to your Istaria client because these patches and programs are not maintained by us and it's not certain exactly what the program will do - please avoid that kind of thing to ensure your account stays safe! The ntcore program is likely fine because it's so popular, but in general this is something to avoid.

    Thank you again for investigating this so thoroughly - we'll get these memory issues fixed!

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