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Thread: two bugs

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    Default two bugs

    one is that my aura of health III is coming back as illustrious stand IV and has as effect Illustrious stand IV as effect. I think I also don't get healing from it, at least not that a saw bid difficult under combat conditions this was ad about 21:45 UK time and no healing also no healing in the reports from Aura of health.

    the second is a mysterious bug
    I was fighting ( ad about 16:00-18:00 UK time) project x with both marbled and oldin. I had on both a violet damage crystal nature active.
    marbled was attacking with normal claw attack and oldin with improved spirit bold V of accuratie. now neither of these did damage even in the period the shield was not up. the casting of a triple volcano ( both of marble and oldin) did do damage and this damage was not healed away.

    I asked if there was a know bug with project x and aratan saw the same thing happening only when he changed to a spirit damaging crystal we go damage in and also for me that did work.

    before reporting this I did another try ad project x and now everything was working normal my nature attacks did damage for both oldin spirit spell( when shield was down and marbleds claw attack)

    before reporting this i did an other try ad project x and now everthing was working nomal my nature attackes did demage afor both oldin spirit spell( when shield was down and marbleds claw atack)

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    Default Re: two bugs

    after restart and check program and clearing cash the aura of health is working back to normal

    but the threat modifiers are not forking i had a long suspision that the modifier for healer was not working i get far to often selected for attacking.
    But to day i was trying to do memory elial put protection on marbled so that is threat + 800% oldin is threat -50% marbled started casting spells and oldin stater casting spell then i needed to do healing and Elial attacked Oldin full out ( three attacks i could take)

    that the healer is not working is along suspicion working with marbled and oldin in tandem, ad the moment the standard damage out put of marbled is larger then oldins with out healing ad ( except for aura of health II) all and oldin is attacked about 1 in 3. healing doesn't lead to target changes. marbled is normaly the opener so that is also not the reason.

    But that oldin (as healer) was attacked while marbled had protection going did prove to me that something is wrong.

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    Default Re: two bugs

    ok two more bugs although i have the feeling one a veriant on the projext x bug.

    marble was not able to do damage with an improved spirit bolt of accuracy ( scorned and extra dagame) while under influence of an energy crystal when project X shield is down.

    the socond i was not able to trade a not applied fallen Paladin ally to oldin while it give only limitation once applied can not be traded. ( Oldin hasn't finisched the first quest of fallen adventurer.)

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