I have 2966 etherial armor in total on my dragon marble and he has deremonial shield with drulkars retribution and saris stone of fiendship all the other scales are primalist scales with +100 etharial and +40 slash resistance,
srustals spiritist void, armor crystal, Niatha's Aegis,Alyssa's energized stateholy armament of istaria, spectral toughs and Alyssa's tough (all VI)
granies Nuffle's festifal cookies,Gummy magnot. pet virrak and stone of seeking active.
spelss on gift of health gift of focus gift of power,Verity V anddragons giftV. promote vitality promote intelecttrue gift enhance focus,
enahnce healths
and trying to keep going armor of the wachter

he is constantly casting drain bolt X with acurycy primal dagame and mental bane.

Oldin healer is doing nothing else then curing to keep marble standing. and has aura of health going. ( also he has a lot of etherial armor (base 2000) but never will get as much as marbled. also he has a the whole lot of crystals and improvement going

Problem is that elial keep hitting regular so hard that that oldin has sometime problem keeping up with the heals, with as side effect that elial is starting to hunt for oldin.

So what I'm doing wrong. SOme how i need to get better defences, because i never seen in others in the group getting this amount of damage when grouping. is a bout 5 time as much what i suffer from.