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    {Not sure this is the right thread, but I've seen a recent post that did the same as I'm about to do so. I do apologize in case.}

    Here goes nothing...

    It has been YEARS since I last opened this game and... WOW. So much has changed! I got lost in New Trismus! xD
    I'm thrilled that this game kept updating itself to become better and better! Congrats!

    Anyway, I wanted to make this post as I'm searching for a Guild or a Group that welcomes a "New Player".
    It has been so long that I forgot how even to play this game xD But I wish to catch things up and play!
    I do have an Ancient Dragon, but I wish to make a new Dragon Char and start from 0.
    Any servers for me are alright. I m willing to RP too if there is the chance! ^-^

    Currently in the EU but I'm used to the US Time Zones, so I will do my best to be active.

    Hope to be contacted soon!

    Have a Marvelous day!

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    most welcome home, piio!! your best bet is to choose your shard (order is roleplaying, chaos is regular, blight is testing and has the least activity) and then pick your guild, as they are not the same on any shard. the folks on all the shards are welcoming and helpful.
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    Welcome home

    If youre looking for guild on Chaos, Scarlet Dawn is nice and chill. They are a bit nutty people and dont know what name they are using currently. Just ask Scarlet Dawn, soemone will recognize.

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