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Thread: Shaved hoarding in the game, did it technically make sense?

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    Default Shaved hoarding in the game, did it technically make sense?

    It still baffles me what you guys did with hoarding in the game, apart from the fact that the hoard itself is actually a cap (which doesn't mean that the amount of loot you can earn is infinite), the same capping of hoarding doesn't make the slightest sense from a technical point of view .
    After all, we have a status in the game like hoard level, and it doesn't add any more attribute to armor or dragon's breath beyond a certain level, no matter how many you get.
    I can guess that it's just about increasing the difficulty level, but why to such an extent? it's a punishment within a punishment
    It is known that from the perspective of the game's lore, the hoard for dragons has a necessary value, I will not deny that, but do you remember the topic I took up why the rest of the classes have unlimited use of magic? generally there is no hoard there is no magic, it shows how little magical race dragons are, if they need hoard for magic then what race are they? a man uses magic without limits, thus begging the question, does he have more magic to use any kind without limits?
    The term human is just an example, after all, we are all human, right?
    I know that I will be laughed at in response, some of the players on discord showed great satisfaction and ridicule of every player who has played differently so far.
    It can even be said that the main reason for this change was to harm others, to humiliate and thus silence them so that they would be ashamed to speak up.

    I said what the consequences of this statement may be, don't waste your time.

    I direct this question to the developers as they decide the shape of this game:

    What was the point of it, what did you want to achieve with it? hoard gain limit? after all, it doesn't make any sense, if he doesn't create a hoard, he will take another tunka, collect and put millions into a chick on level 1, and this does not require effort at the maximum level of the character.

    Of course, I know that if you have a maxed out character, you can easily collect the whole hoard.
    The problem is the whole piles of things that you can't add to the hoard now, you'll get them, if you want to sell it, not necessarily and it comes back to you after time, messing up your inventory, the only option is their

    DESTRUCTION! what for?

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    Default Re: Shaved hoarding in the game, did it technically make sense?

    Of course i forgot to add that since dragons use Primal magic, and the realm is called Prime where are they currently located, why can't they get this magic from items that come from this land, which are in hoard.
    that's about it for the lore roughly

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