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    I have some performance issues, the dragon starting zone still ran fine, usually 60+ fps, but the first zone after that already tanked my performance to sub 60, by that i mean, it barely manages 30+ and if i look towards other players that goes down to as much as sub 20(that doesn't include places where there is nothing or the sky or the ground directly, those give me 80+ fps lol). I'm only using the in-game options to max out the graphics settings(no enb, no reshade, no extra software), so having such abysmal performance isn't a good thing, it is barely playable like this. Any advice on how to increase it? tried disabling and lowering the options one by one, the only 2 that seemed to help were the decorative npcs one and the display remote pets one, which gave me a whopping 5 extra fps, which doesn't exactly help. The only other thing that helped was the view distance.... when set to minimum, which means i can see a total of 5 meters in front of me.

    My system:
    CPU: I7 9700
    RAM: DDR4 54gb
    Videocard: GTX1080
    All drivers up to date.

    The game shouldn't run this badly on my system, i understand it being an old game and running on an old engine, but this is just unplayable. Am i missing something, Some setting? Or should i just give up on this game?

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    Hi there! What setting do you have the shadows set to? "All Real" shadows can very much harm the game's framerate - if you're using this option, could you try Player Real or Blob Shadows and see if things are improved?

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    It gained me 15-20 fps, which still isn't great but much better. Player real shadow only gained me around 10 fps, blob shadows gained me around 5-10 more. But if the game runs so much worse with those options, why is it in the game? Also, have you guys tried adding a shadow resolution option to the game, maybe it would run better with lower resolution shadows?

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    Apologies for the delay! Istaria's renderer isn't designed to provide shadows, these shadows were added (a very long time ago) as an optional but very inefficient feature for players who have FPS to spare to get a little bit more graphical quality (although it was only really realistically expected to be Player real shadow, all real shadows does not scale well).

    Unfortunately because of how these shadows work (they don't really have a shadow resolution to speak of), they can't be made cheaper without redesigning them entirely - graphical upgrades are definitely things we want to work on, our current focus though is technical improvements in other aspects of the game like memory usage, as performance is currently considered acceptable in the 40+ FPS range (we have achieved significant gains as well from performance optimizations). Istaria and it's engine are very old and many things related to the renderer need to be rewritten to provide better performance, especially on modern hardware.

    We are aware of the issues and are working on it, and we do have smaller scale optimizations and renderer improvements on the way, but shadows is a big one and will need to wait for a big project slot first. Hopefully this clarifies the issue - if you have further questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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