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Thread: Vault (and other) windows moving

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    Default Vault (and other) windows moving

    Everytime I open/close and then reopen a window, it moves to a new position (leftwards). I am in and out of vault very frequently and the window moves ~ .25" each time I reopen it. Moving it back to it's original position does not "stick".
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    I have the same issue. Also with the loot window. Everytime i loot i need to move the lootwindow. It always appear to the right of my screen and not close to the middle or not close to where i set the window
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    Hi there! Are either of you using the UI Scaling option in the graphics menu please? There's a known issue where UI Scaling can cause the unintended movement of windows when opening and closing them, just want to confirm if that's what is happening here!

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