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    Question Can't find AGHviewer

    Been thinking about trying my hand at modding to maybe make bipeds more tolerable to look at while we wait for the Visions update (if that's still in the works, that is). Used Racktor's Ultimate Modding Guide thread as a starting point, but thing is, the link for AGHviewer doesn't work anymore, and I couldn't find it on the Lexica or anywhere else on Google. Is it still possible to get the program or an alternative somewhere?

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    Racktor put an AGHViewer here and it has fixes that the original program didn't. You can still download it - also from the same link, just scroll down, it's all explained.

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    Phew! Was worried I had reached an early modding dead-end. Thank you so much. Racktor, if you see this, massive thanks to you too for archiving AGHviewer.

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    Much obliged <3 I'm glad my old modding guide is still seeing use too!

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