What exactly are Blight Hounds? I've tried searching for any information on what they are, where they come from, etc on the Lexica and this forum, but haven't really found anything. Are they werewolves that have been corrupted by Blight or something else entirely? They use the base werewolf model and are classified as werewolves in-game, but that doesn't really tell me very much. Are they willing servants of the Withered Aegis (like Reklar), or just mindless pawns controlled by some higher entity? The Lexica describes Fafnir as a General, but I'm not sure what that really means in the context of the Withered Aegis. Are they living or undead? I know some units in the WA are creatures from other realms that have pledged their allegiance to the WA (like Kwellen), while others are reanimated corpses of the Living Races (or made up of multiple corpses). As far as I remember, the game doesn't say which camp Blight Hounds fall into.