Delta 316.5 has been pushed to Blight and is ready for testing,as a recap of the previous update related to the Combat Overhaul here are the links to 316, 316.1, 316.2, 316.3, and 316.4 delta notes.

Delta 316.5
As we're nearing the final state of the Combat Overhaul, the patch notes are finally getting shorter, below is a mix of changes of which some pertain to the Combat Overhaul and others to general parts of the game.

  • In the quest “The Ruined Homestead (Part 2)”, Allanti’s Skeleton Key can now only be used when required by the quest to prevent it from being wasted.
  • Primal Burst now shares a recycle timer with copies of itself.
  • Imperial Writs now properly consume themselves on use.
  • Corrected coloration on all buckets to properly have a wooden base.
  • Changed the Radiant movement crystals to use the color of other Radiant tool crystals instead of Shining tool crystals.
  • Fixed Typos in:
    • Quest: The Source of Power: The Tattered Scroll
    • Quest; The Source of Power: The True Source
    • Quest: Dragon Training 6: Dedicated Stance
  • Health Earrings (standard, broken and blighted) now significantly boost health.
  • Hastened I through VI now boosts Martial, Magical and Gathering Alacrity by 25 to 150.
  • Hide and Leather armor formulae have been changed to use the Leatherworking skill to craft their products instead of Tailoring.
  • Fixed duration for Greater Imbued Scale of The Mystic and Blight Protection Potion V.
  • Updated Brobbet’s Burst and Galderos’ Flurry baubles descriptions.
  • Updated the description of Hastened.
  • Fafnir and Blight Hounds will once again be more evasive.
  • Fafnir’s Growl debuff is now known as Intimidated, won’t last as long as before and will inflict mind damage.
  • Fireworks show can once again be seen at New Koraelia Celebration Grounds.
  • Fixed Flawless Turquoise in Flawless Gem formula to use Gemworking instead of Alchemy.
  • Gift of Harvest scrolls now consume themselves rather than a different scroll.
  • Gissel, the Shaman trainer in Sslanis, now has more color to their feathers.
  • Withered Bane tech can once again be applied to weapons.
  • Lesser Epic Aura set to tick every 15 seconds.
  • Greater Epic Aura set to tick every 15 seconds.