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Thread: Back to the battlefiield

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    Default Back to the battlefiield

    Besides all what there already is to say or will be to be said:

    Flame and me say "THANK YOU DEVS"

    for spending
    - your free time
    - your dedication
    - your passion
    - your patience
    - talent and knowledge
    - your overtime
    - and much more of you

    to keep Istaria alive and going (alive and kicking).

    Take all time you need to give this patch a good start.
    Flame and me can wait- and some others too I assume/hope.
    Get some sleep , good meals and relaxing time with friends and family.

    And our special thanks too to all who did the testing- your work is priceless!

    See you all on the other side

    Lov & Flame
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Default Re: Back to the battlefiield

    Yes! Very much. Thank you so much to all the devs!
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    Default Re: Back to the battlefiield

    Well said. Cheers!

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    Default Re: Back to the battlefiield

    Absolutely. To new adventures!
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    Default Re: Back to the battlefiield

    i, for one, appreciate all the work the gods do for us. successful or not, popular or not, they are trying to keep my home alive and kicking, and i thank them all for that!!
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    And we are really happy to see all your old faces still around!! Istaria is very fortunate to have devoted players like you - you make the world alive!

    Group hug!
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