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    Default Delta 316.8 Notes

    Delta 316.8 is now on Blight for testing. This is a fixer delta for the Combat Overhaul that is currently on the live servers so we hope to have it out on the live servers as soon as no major issues become apparent.

    Delta 316.8

    Changes & Fixes
    • Fixed inconsistencies with Primal Harvest augmentations icons.
    • Corrected an issue with mixed up page numbers in quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 3): Ganesh's Footsteps”.
    • The out-of-combat healing rate for players has been significantly increased to reduce the downtime between encounters.
    • Adjusted the debuff values for Thorn’s Embrance, Sacred Beam, Hallucination, and Iron Maiden.
    • Rust (debuff) is now known as Rusted (with modifiers such as Slightly, Moderately, etc), will now lower the target’s armor by almost twice as much as before, will no longer conflict with other armor debuffs, and has an updated description.
    • Rust (spell) now recycles every 15s (down from 30s).
    • Queen's Siphon now only grants a single 100 Power bonus as intended.
    • Demon's Aegis now grants 130 Block Bonus instead of 15.
    • Azulyte & Antique dyed pouches now correctly require between 7 and 14 silk spools.
    • Reparable structures in New Trismus now properly require Lumbering skill instead of Woodworking to apply Cedar Boards.
    • Cloudy Parry Crystals now only conflict with themselves.
    • Cloudy Block Crystals now only conflict with themselves.
    • Improved models and texture for Tazoon Skeletal Behemoth, Tazoon Headless Behemoth, Behemoth Skeleton.
    • Blighted Techniques Melee Recycle changes: as weapon recycle can’t be reduced because they are already repeatable, these techniques have been changed to reduce items recycle and have been renamed Item Recycle.
    • Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Tactician Spirit for all tiers aren’t attuned anymore when looted.
    • Dispirit Foe abilities now properly conflict with each other in the abilities window.
    • Aratanosh now properly sells Master Ward Crystals formula.
    • Semblance of Fire will now only modify outgoing and incoming attacks when fighting creatures in the Fiery Rift.
    • Myloc’s Spirit Shift will now cause them to temporarily shift to an incorporeal state rather than shifting permanently.
    • Spectral Touch will no longer convert all attacks to be spirit damage.
    • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Blessing of the Sun now properly specifies that it conflicts with Arcane resistance, not Flame resistance.
    • Fixed Dragon Claw Tech Kit: Battle Forged (all tiers) descriptions.
    • Sigil of Toval now properly inflicts Moderate Poison instead of Weaker Poison.
    • Fixed Spell Tech Kit: Bounty Hunter - Long Beam and Weapon Tech Kit: Bounty Hunter - Long Range descriptions.
    • Blackhammer Crest technique will now boost arcane resistance by +100 (up from +60).
    • Fixed Tech Kits of Silvane descriptions: they now mention properly +50 Bonus To-Hit instant of 5%.
    • Fixed Vorpal Chicken Foot description: it now properly mentions Defense: Physical Ward V instead of Defense: Arcane Ward V.
    • Fixed The Bromeliad of Tazoon description about the Arcane Resistance debuff.
    • The Fangs of Fury crystal now only awards a Tooth and Claw bonus once as intended.
    • Small Ruxus are now referred as Young Coastal Ruxus in the following quests:
      • “(Daily) Ruxus Ruckus”.
      • “Hardened Scales II: The Nature of Resilience”.
      • “Primal Mastery II: Bailout Lisandia”.

    • Tech Kits name changes:
      • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Family Heirloom is now known as Armor & Jewelry & Scale Tech Kit: Family Heirloom.
      • Defense Tech Kit: Evasion (all tiers) are now known as Armor and Scale Defense Tech Kit: Evasion.

    • Using Improved Breath of Fire I now counts for these quests:
      • “Dragon Training 3: Weakness to Fire”.
      • “Dragon's Reach I: Damage your Enemies from Afar”.
      • “Accurate Breath I: Improve Your Breath Accuracy”.
      • “Accurate Breath II: Focusing Your Breath Weapon”.
      • “Accurate Breath III: Practice, Practice, Practice”.
      • “Accurate Breath IV: Precision Practice”.
      • “Accurate Breath V: Using New Breath Weapons”.

    • Fixed DoT effects from the following crystals to properly deal 25 - 32 damage instead of 5 - 32:
      • Glowing Decaying Crystal
      • Glowing Dementia Crystal
      • Glowing Divinia Crystal
      • Glowing Erosion Crystal
      • Glowing Incineration Crystal

    • Guild of the Artifact Hunters items:
      • Fixes:
        • Defensive Claw Crystal of Riposte, Defensive Claw Crystal of Major Riposte, Defensive Claw Crystal of Greater Riposte now have a chance to give Dragon’s Riposte after a parry.
        • Defensive Claw Crystal of Protection (all tier) now properly have an area of effect when the effect processes.
      • Enhancements:
        • Statistic Left-Hand Crystals have got their values boosted.
        • Additional Left-Hand Crystals now have a better chance to process their effect.
        • Left-Hand Crystals Shock now have a chance to inflict a Moderate Stun instead of a Short Stun.
        • Statistic Tome Crystals have got their values boosted.
        • Tome Crystals of Blast damage has been increased.
        • Armor Up Defensive Claw Crystals now award an additional bonus of Parry.
        • Draconic Shielding augmentations (from Defensive Claw Crystals of Protection) now give an additional bonus of resistances.
        • Defensive Claw Crystals of Resilience and Defensive Claw Crystals of Slamming now have a better chance to process their effects on a parry.
        • Defensive Claw Crystals of Resilience now grant Defiant augmentations that generate threat over time.
        • Defensive Claw Crystals of Slamming damage has been increased.

    Typos/grammar fixes
    • Quest “New Trismus 9: Disarming the Dead”.
    • Quest “Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 1)”.
    • Quest “Clear Loricatus Beetles From The Construction Zone”.
    • Quest “Warrior Training 3: Strengths and Weaknesses”.
    • Quest “Scholar: Beginning Scrolls II”.
    • Defensive Claw Crystal of Resilience (all tier) descriptions.
    • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Badge of Merrasat description.
    • Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Strong Venom description.
    • Unknown God Figure description.
    • Rune of Exsanguination description.
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