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    Delta 316.10, the third and expected final fixer delta for the Combat Overhaul, is currently on blight and available for testing. The included changes are listed below.

    Delta 316.10

    Tooltip Clarification
    The formatting and layout of the tooltip window has undergone a minor overhaul. You may notice a plethora of information that was not previously available or indicated - unless otherwise stated in these patch notes, no balance changes have been made to the items in the game.
    • Any item that has a chance to proc on dodge, parry, block, or hit now specifies which it is.
    • Items that previously did not show what sort of attacks they could trigger on, such as a variety of damage kicker crystals, are now able to show this information.
    • Events on items that are nested within other events now visually show this, appearing underneath the header of the parent event.
      • An example of this is the Bloodied technique, wherein the 40% chance to trigger the Bloodied buff is part of the 25% chance on incoming attacks to deal reduced damage.
    • The “AttuneOnEquip” section has been renamed “Attuning” and now clarifies that items will attune on use, equip, or applied.
    • All abilities and weapons specify whether they are a martial or magical attack, mirroring the qualifiers on attack modifiers. Special attacks are categorized as ‘special’.
    • Attack modifiers now have a new line to clarify whether or not they apply to special attacks on relevant weapons.
    • Any item, spell, or ability that automatically hits now clarifies that it cannot also graze nor crit.
    • Spells, abilities, and relevant items now also indicate what attribute they scale off of, not just what skill.
    • Re-ordered some items in the tooltips to be more consistent and logical while remaining as close as possible to existing order.
    • Special attacks that have a range of 0 now specify that they inherit the range of your equipped weapon instead.
    • The dispel event has been reworded to read more clearly and reflect the new tier-based dispel system more accurately.
    • Any attack modifier that is exclusive to very specific attacks or groups of attacks should now display this information. (ex: Coordinated Attacks)
    • Any attack modifier that applies only to attacks using certain skills should now display this information.
    • The “Self Only” range indicator has been appended with “(Melee)” to help indicate what sort of attack modifiers may apply.
    • Techniques should now display how many technique slots they occupy (usually just one or zero). They also now display their effect embedded into the parent tooltip without the need for a link.
    • Items that give coin now show the range of coin they can give.
    • Items or abilities that teleport you now show a notice for where they will teleport you.
    • Items such as costumes that change your character’s model will now indicate what you are being transformed into on their tooltip.
    • Items that instantly kill monsters, such as Keys, now indicate what they do and what they will kill.
    • Items or augmentations that increase threat to nearby enemies now have a line in the tooltip indicating this effect.
    • Anything that gives a title now gives a small preview line of what your name will look like with the title.
    • Augmentations that pause their timer on log-out now indicate this.
    • Anything that is dispelled through a certain number of hits or damage now indicates what kind of damage or hits count towards this total.
    • The “When Used” section is shifted downwards towards the bottom of most tooltips to avoid confusion as to what occurs when an item is used versus equipped.

    Changes & Fixes
    • Baric Greybeard now properly sells Expert Carved Animal formula.
    • Fixed Allocate Health to properly give Allocated Health instead of Diminished Health.
    • Iron Body will now properly allow use on Monk or Disciple schools.
    • Headbutt I will no longer require 2-H Slash but will now use the skill of the equipped weapon.
    • Jade Snarlers and Growlers no longer drop 2 fangs.
    • Jade Ravagers, Gnashers, Snappers, and Howlers no longer drop 2 tails.
    • Spoil of War chests in the Ruins of Tazoon can now be opened by any key tier 3 or greater (only tier 3 keys worked before).
    • All tiers of Power Strike now recycle every 15s.
    • Rend Armor no longer gives a different buff based on the stance you are in.
    • Rend Armor I and II are now masterable.
    • Rended (all tiers) now reduce the target's armor by a greater amount.
    • Updated Pinned (from Pinion), Lightning Arrows, Spellbound (from Spellbind, Blighted Spellbind and Area Spellbind), and Petrified by Fear (from Petrify) to prevent chain stunning/roots.
    • Stop Blow no longer does unstoppable damage, has a 30 post-delay (down from 60), recycles every 30s (down from 60s), and does 264 to 310 damage (up from 80 to 100).
    • Syphon (all tiers) now recycle every 30s (down from 60s) and drain 50% (down from 100%).
    • Refreshing Breeze will no longer conflict with other breezes, but will continue to conflict with other HoTs.
    • Quest “The Forest Skulk Artifact III” will now mention the waterfall at the relevant village and direct you to slay the Forest Skulk Matriarch instead.
    • Parry is now gained by the Warrior, Knight of Creation, Guardian, Chaos Warrior, Monk, Paladin, Reaver, Berserker, Scout, Cleric, and Ranger Schools.
    • Energy Sabre now recycles every 30s (down from 60s) and counts as a magical attack (uses power) instead of martial (uses strength).
    • Whirlwind now recycles every 30s (down from 60s).
    • Gift of Harvest and Primal Harvest now have their own icon.
    • Spirit’s Rebuff and Spirit’s Fury, the debuffs given by Allathos to bipeds and dwarves respectively, no longer puts a pink box of shame on your head.
    • Kesh now has Beginner Warding Scrolls formula for sale.
    • Fixed Cerulean Crystal of Kal'enas' Shell and Cerulean Crystal of Mirmaylth's Shell required resources in Master Resistance Crystals formula.
    • Fixes for Pratt’s Pond resulting in better blending with terrain.
    • Primalist’s Shell is now only removed after 2 hits of ranged spells instead of any kind of hit.
    • Fixed Ssaulios’ location in quest step description in quest “Rare Foods: Snap Dragon”.
    • A plethora of items that were not triggering their effects on a critical hit or graze have been corrected to now apply on any hit.
    • Desiccate, Flame Disciple ability, changes:
      • There are now four Desiccate abilities given at lvl 8, 38, 68 and 98. They are masterable.
      • Recycle is now 45s (down from 3mn).
      • The ability now gives a Desiccated Skin debuff to the target which increases Crush and Flame for a certain number of hits (the higher tier, the more hits).

    • The Lone Wolf quest rewards changes:
      • The Wolf's Blessing is now available for purchase at Steward Pratt McGrubben for Tokens of Gratitude.
      • The Wolf's Blessing and Wolf Hide Items formulas can now be used whether you have killed or spared the Lone Wolf.

      Typos/Grammar fixes
      • Stave of Oak
      • Fired Stave of Oak
      • Energy Sabre
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