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Thread: Thank you all

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    Default Thank you all

    who work on fixing and bringing back the shards.

    We are aware its your free/life time you donate to us and the game

    *grateful winghugs*
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    Yes, thank you. *Gnome hug*, *Goat head rub*, *Fiend tail flick*
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    i'm here until the lights go out.
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    Thank you for devoting your time and skill to keep Istaria going for us.


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    Aw thanks so much everyone! We are still working on the issue - it looks like unfortunately this is another case of us encountering an issue where Istaria's ancient code isn't playing well with the modern upgrades we're making - old flaws are being exposed that we now need to fix. We're working as fast as we can and hope to have full service restored as soon as possible!
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    You guys will handle it! You always did!

    *throws some cheap cookies*

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