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    Default Ranger + Powerstyle

    Powerstyle is now useless for Ranger because it specifically says melee attacks, not sure if that's intended. Unbridled energy is the same way.

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    Default Re: Ranger + Powerstyle

    We changed a lot of the game's tooltip display, which offers a lot more information than prior. In particular, anything that was melee only never said so before, but does now.

    Per the patch notes:
    The formatting and layout of the tooltip window has undergone a minor overhaul. You may notice a plethora of information that was not previously available or indicated - unless otherwise stated in these patch notes, no balance changes have been made to the items in the game.
    "Ranged only" is no longer used and has been replaced by a more specific range requirement - 'All', 'Melee', or 'Ranged'. Certain items were only melee, but never indicated this before. 'Melee' is any attack that has a range of 0, whether magical or not.
    Power Style did get a change, but this did not affect it being melee-only; it always was, but this information was not previously available.
    Power Style will now only work with Special attacks, but now adds much more additional damage
    This doesn't mean we can't look into it, of course, but I wanted to assure this is not a new change.

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    Default Re: Ranger + Powerstyle

    Okay I just tested it for the first time this week after a very long absence, I'd never really played that much with ranger before. I'll re-test after the servers come back online, which is super easy now thanks to the training dummy's!

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    Default Re: Ranger + Powerstyle

    Yeah it definitely doesn't work. I'm not sure if that's intended but it doesn't make sense for them to get an ability that doesn't effect their bow skills.

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