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Thread: Newbie dragon here, any tips?

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    Default Newbie dragon here, any tips?

    Legit just finished the tutorial a few days ago.
    Any tips for a beginner (without getting spoilery? I want to go in as "blind" as possible)
    Also here's the inevitable stupid question, is it possible to ascend a dragon while on the free subscription? (I see that there's a level cap for schools but wanted to be sure that if that applies to character level or not?)
    Thanks guys, I've wanted to play this game for years but only just recently got the chance (figured out how to get it to work on my mac)

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    Default Re: Newbie dragon here, any tips?

    Hiya and welcome.
    *cough* I'm the spoiler.... err... doing the spoilers but I gotta try to get you some not-too-spoilered info. As far as I can see you cannot ascend on the free subscription, because you are limited to level 15. To be able to ascend needs you to have skills and levels about, I don't know? Beneath level 15 for sure. (Not spoiled, did I!). Level 15 is the hard limit you can get quests, and since the ascension is a 'reward' of a quest beneath that, you'll fail to make it.

    However. It's well worth it to pay a fee!


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    Default Re: Newbie dragon here, any tips?

    Yeah, that makes sense, I just wanted to be sure.
    At the moment I can't pay but I'm going to use my free-access to try the game out and see what I think of it in the mean time. Thank you for your help!

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    Default Re: Newbie dragon here, any tips?

    The minimum level requirements for ascension are 30 adventure, 20 crafting, which unfortunately cannot be achieved on a free subscription.

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    Default Re: Newbie dragon here, any tips?

    Yeah, that makes sense. Hopefully I'll be able to afford a subscription soon, I'm enjoying the game so far!

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    Default Re: Newbie dragon here, any tips?

    need lairshaper, as well. i am continuing my rop now that i have finished the needed/wanted attunements. speaking of, i recommend you get as many of those as you can. ask for babysitting help or group up with others to get to the dangerous places!

    also, please feel free to peruse my game blog, i post walkthrus for quests and attunements - might help you plan your game play. link in the signature!
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