I am a bit new to the lore of Istaria myself, so I decided I will make a character on order and experience the stories of Istaria slowly and in character. I plan on focusing on the experience as Istaria is still quite new to me beyond the opening the first couple of areas. So I figured I would really slow down and enjoy the exploration. I want to enjoy finding a new place instead of wondering where the next node is. This may be slow but I think this may be pretty enjoyable for me, Hopefully those of you who enjoy a Little something to read will enjoy this with me. There will be smaller updates here and there as I can make them, So each update shouldn't take a ton of your time...there may be a couple hundred chapters some day but each one should be bite sized.

Today, I woke from the deepest of sleep, bathed in blinding light in an unfamiliar place. I was greeted by a heavenly warrior warrior dawning armor of alabaster and gold. He claimed to be a “Knight of Creation” and spoke of being a “gifted”. This knight, Ryson Stormbringer, informs me I am one of his kind. By some unknown cause, I have absolutely no memory of my past or person. I shall follow his lead for now. He calls me “Roue Arzhur”.

Upon Further discussion, Ryson claims I am essentially immortal due to some mass incantation referred to as the ritual of everlasting life. I must learn more of this later. Who would cast such a spell on so many? Ryson continues, there is an existential threat known as The Aegis that seeks to break this spell and conquer the living races of this land, Istaria. This threat of The Aegis, appears to be a threat of the undead primarily. I’m apprehensive to join a battle between two undying forces, but there is a deep drive within me to wield a sword to protect this land… even if the battle is unending.

After a long conversation with Ryson, he informs me I’m on “Spirit Island” where the newly discovered “gifted” learn of our gift and receive guidance. Refugees from a “Battle of New Trismus” are here as well. I have so much to learn of this world.

After speaking to some of the refugees, I bonded with a kindred spirit named Triston. He seemed to immediately recognize me as a fellow warrior. He was even so kind as to present me with what meager scraps of gear he had nearby. Before I fight for this new world, I’ll take all the help I can get.