I'm pretty sure there's a serious disparity between melee and caster dps/usability.

Once you multiclass a melee character you can click two buttons (melee flurry and unbridled energy) and essentially do 2000-3000 damage every 2-4 seconds depending on your swing speed/damage type, which is awesome and needed, don't get me wrong, but how can a caster compete with this?

Cast a bolt for 250-400 damage every 3 seconds? Even with the epic spell tech you're still pathetic.

Yes they have AoE but it's probably 10x less than dragons do especially in an extended engagement, or even a whirlwind/energy saber from a hyped up melee character.

Yes, they have some crowd control (barely, after a few hits/dots they're coming after you anyway, and good luck controlling that in a public environment)

Yes, they can have stuns but stuns are essentially useless now especially when you have more than 2 dragons in the group (tail whippings) giving stun immunity, the slow of the ice spells are essentially useless end game. Don't even try any of your tricks against an epic mob because you can't even effect them. So glad my satyr's charge is useless on one of my characters.

Plus all the dps ablities do 180-250 damage typically

I think you could triple the spell/ablility damage and we'd still see exactly zero casters ingame with high ratings.
Every time I see ANY bi-ped spell caster run around I ALWAYS say "OMG, that's sweet I never see one of those in game"

Please discuss.