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    I was talking to some friends about some "Back when I was a kid..." stuff that we enjoyed in Istaria and I got an idea: Each of the seasonal events that the game has should have some mini "Epic" bosses wandering around spawning regular event mobs. Gnomekindle would have "evil" "bad santa" Ogres wandering around occasionally spawning Gnomekindle treants (95% regular gnomekindle treants/5% blighted gnomekindle trents). The Fall Festival would have Tavern Keepers, Ghostly Bartenders, or Pickle Farmers wandering around occasionally spawning the various alcohol elementals.
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    what a great idea!!

    I think the alter egos (maybe slightly weaker) oft the rift guardians would apply for this jobs.
    And it fits with the seasons:-)

    Would love to see them roam here and there..
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    This is a great idea! A lot of our focus is on bugfixes and smoothing out the combat revamp, but we love this idea - when we get to the happy place of adding exciting new things we'll definitely review this!

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