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Thread: Name overlay for pouches?

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    Default Name overlay for pouches?

    Would it be quick and easy to add an optional name overlay to bags/pouches in the vault/inventory? Similar to when you make a custom text command hotkey with no chosen icon, it shows the tiny "/cnc" or whatever.

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    Default Re: Name overlay for pouches?

    You can customize a pouch and give it another name, if that is helping you.
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    Yeah, but I have to many pouches in my vault to organize, and with multiple characters I didn't bother to color code them so I get really confused and can't find anything xD I can't be the only one who has to click on 5 different bags to find what they need. Maybe I am lol

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    Default Re: Name overlay for pouches?

    Hi there! This sounds really cool, but it is unfortunately not the simplest thing to add due to needing to save the overlay name and so on - but then again nothing super great is easy to do hehe.

    I've added this to our suggestions tracker, this issue is what colour coding was meant to solve (and it also creates some market need for each colour of pouch too), but I recognise that can get annoying over multiple alts - thank you very much though for your suggestion and we'll take a look!

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    Default Re: Name overlay for pouches?

    Okay if it's not quick and easy you have much more important things to do lol. I can just suck it up and move some stuff around for awhile

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    Default Re: Name overlay for pouches?

    Like Pharaxes said, you can name the containers.
    Are you aware that you can see their names in the list view of your inventory? That's how I find my stuff.

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    Default Re: Name overlay for pouches?

    Yeah I should probably just get in the habit of doing list view, then I'll have to clean even more and get more bags lmao. I'll figure it out either way. Thank you

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