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    Delta 317 has been captured and is currently available on Blight for testing, the details of all the changes in this delta follow below.

    Delta 317

    • Combat Stance: Flame is now known as Combat Stance: Drulkar and works properly with all damaging breath attacks (not just flame-based breath attacks).
    • Accurate Breath will now properly increase the accuracy of all damaging breath attacks, not just flame-based ones.
    • Tail Weapons such as the Tail Axe no longer repeat ‘Tail Whip’ in their tooltip.
    • Tail Mace I now properly only works on Tail Whip.
    • Rupture, a spell technique that works for primal spells\damage similar to Cinder, is now available for purchase (tiers 1 through 4) and loot (tier 5) and Techatron.

    • Fire Storm will now cause more damage if the target is burned.
    • Fireball III will now properly count as a magical attack.
    • Lessen spells will now recycle every 60s (down from 300s).
    • Soul Shield and Soul Elusiveness will now stack with each other (but will still conflict with other versions of themselves).
    • Paladin’s Life’s Blessing now ticks every 5 seconds (down from 20s).
    • Blight Bolt and Improved Blight Bolt spells are now available on vendors and loot tables.
    • Warrior school now correctly gains 25 health per level.
    • Wizard now gains Studious and Erudite, passive abilities that reduce spell recycle by 20% and 30% respectively, at level 66 and 96.
    • Wizard ability, Gather, is now known as Minor Gather.
    • Wizard now gains Major Gather and Superior Gather at level 62 and 92 respectively.
    • Wizard’s Beam of Pure Energy now has a casting time of 3 seconds (rather than a 3 second cooldown), will now hit the target with the debuff, Jolted, and the damage has been increased:
      • I does 70-80 damage (up from 32-36).
      • II does 120-150 damage (up from 51-57).
      • III does 170-220 damage (up from 70-78).
      • IV does 220-290 damage (up from 89-99).
    • Armor Sockets can now be applied to chest armor.
    • Unbridled Energy now does damage every time and the damage to self is not reduced by armor.
    • Lowered the tick rate of Linked from 6s to 4s, its duration to 40s, and set the damage so that it is not mitigated by armor.
    • Soul Link now recycles every 15s (down from 45s).
    • Aura of the Mongoose III is now obtained by Druid at level 88 (was 78).
    • Aura of the Bear now boosts physical resistance (was strength) by 30, 50, and 70 (by tier).
    • Aura of the Mongoose now boosts evasion (was dexterity) by 25, 45, and 65.
    • Nature's Adjudication now recycles every 30 seconds, consistently increases incoming nature damage by 10% (for all tiers), and also causes a 30s Nature DoT that inflicts a % of the target's maximum damage each tick.
    • Group Power Aura is now known as Aura of Power.
    • Aura of Power 1 now boosts the spell damage of those who gain the aura's effect by 5%.
    • Aura of Power 2, gained by Sorcerer at level 98, boosts spell damage by 10%.
    • Fireflies 1 through 4 are now masterable.
    • Fireflies now recycles every 15s (down from 120s), has a 2s casting time (was a 3.6s cooldown) and inflicts a little damage up front. The debuff will no longer conflict with other DoTs, only other instances of itself, has a 24s duration (was 63s) and a 4s tick (was 9s).
    • Flame and Ice Element buffs will now remain until consumed (the timer was removed).
    • Flame and Ice Element abilities now have a 30s recycle (down from 180s) and a 3.5s casting time (rather than a 3.5s cooldown).
    • Curse of Enfeeblement now recycles every 60s (down from 120s) and has a 2s casting time (rather than a 2s cooldown). Its debuff now reduces dexterity and focus by 150, 235, 315 and 395 (rather than 30, 40, 45, and 50). Debuff will no longer conflict with any others, except itself.
    • Nature’s Fury now recycles every 30s (down from 60s) but only applies to attacks doing nature damage.
    • Ice Armor I and Group Ice Armor I are now masterable.
    • Ice Armor and Group Ice Armor buffs will now stack with other armor or ethereal resistance buffs, but not with each other.
    • Illustrious Stand no longer modifies the accuracy of undead attackers, but instead reduces incoming damage from undead attackers by 10 to 25%.
    • Thorn Shot now has a 100% chance to hit the target with a bleed instead of a root.
    • Burning Hands (all tiers), Burning Sky, Combust, Primal Combust, and Crawling Blaze will now count as "flame spells" and work with Burned.
    • Soul Scarification will now increase incoming ethereal damage by 10 to 20% and will vary in duration from 30s to 45s.
    • Ethereal Blade I and II now recycle every 90s (down from 120s).
    • Group Ethereal Blade will now work for 5 uses (was 1).
    • Mangle now recycles every 30s (down from 60s) and has no accuracy penalty.
    • Mangled no longer modifies strength and dexterity, but instead reduces evasion and outgoing non-spell melee\ranged damage by 25%.
    • Numbing Cold is now known as Numbing Fog and recycles every 60s (down from 90s), its debuff, Numbed, now reduces Martial and Magical Alacrity.
    • Fiery Judge now recycles every 30s (down from 60s), counts as a magical attack (it will use power, though it still uses the skill of the weapon you have equipped) and will give the Burned debuff on a hit.
    • BattleMage now receives Fiery Judge at level 5, 25, 45, 65 and 85.
    • Energy Burst now recycles every 30s (down from 120s) and applies to all group members within 15 meters.
    • Sorcerer now gains Mystify I at level 35 (previously ability, Mystify, is now known as Mystify II). Mystify recycles every 60s (down from 120s).
    • Mystify (debuff) is now known as Mystified, reduces the target’s Magical and Martial Alacrity instead of Dexterity, Focus and Speed, and lasts for 45s (up from 30s).
    • Banish Armor will now recycle every 120s (down from 180s) and its debuff, Banished Armor, will no longer have a timer (it will simply expire after 10 hits).
    • Guardian ability, Stone Hammer, now recycles every 30s (down from 60s) and is received every 10 levels starting at level 6 (previously started at 18).
    • Berserker ability, Wild Swing, now recycles every 30s (down from 40s) and is received every 12 levels starting at level 2 (previously started at 20). Wild Swing 9 is now available at level 98. Due to the level changes, Wild Swing 4 and 5 are now masterable.
    • Broken daggers now boost Power (instead of Strength) and Focus (instead of Dexterity).
    • Spiritist ability, Stinger, now consistently recycles every 30s (from 60s), is now received at school levels 8 to 88 (was 8, 30 to 90), receives greater damage on the initial hit, counts as a ranged magical attack and its debuff, Stung, will now do 50% more damage.
    • Stinger 1 will now do 10% more damage in Focused stance (rather than Offensive).
    • Like Stinger 1, other tiers will now do 10% greater damage while in Focused stance.
    • Freezing Touch 1 is now received at level 14 Ice Disciple (was 20). Frozen debuffs now reduce Magical and Martial Alacrity on the target.
    • Brandish now recycles every 60s (down from 90s). Brandish, buff, no longer breaks after a hit and lasts 20s (up from 5s).
    • Updated Brandish so that it causes more taunt damage each tier.
    • Glaring Quills, Dancing Rapier, Infix Fury, and Ice Barrier now have a 1s casting time and the 3.5s cooldown has been removed.
    • Phoenix Rising now has a 2.0s casting time (the 4.0 second cooldown has been removed).
    • Cleave will now have a 6m AoE radius from the target.
    • Tearing Blades now has a 20% chance (up from 5%) to apply Lacerations on a hit.

    • Damage shield items now indicate if they require a specific damage type to trigger.
    • Mystical Ward of Istara I through VI now properly work on all spells.
    • Scorpion Slayer now correctly awards only Active: Scorpion Damage I, instead of both I and III.
    • Kaasha’s Sigil tech kit will no longer conflict with other health mods.
    • Enhance, Raise, Shield and Gift scrolls now have a recycle rate of 5s (down from 30s to 300s).
    • Shield scroll buffs no longer have a timer since they also are ablative.
    • Imbued Scales of the Breeze are now available to craft and use.
    • Quint’s Quickstep potion now boosts speed by +15 to +35 and uses rating rather than current level to determine if it can be consumed.
    • Fiery Strike, Sear and Volcano now cause more damage if the target is burned.
    • Darkstaff’s Armor Crystal Fragment now increases armor by a greater amount and also offers an evasion bonus.

    • Fixed Expert Milk Fabricator maximal skill for Cobalt Tinkering Gears and Bright Essence Orbs to craft a Grand Milk Fabricator.
    • Player structures that contain vendors now show tier in Structure Selection window, for clarity. Their descriptions have been updated to include the tier as well.
    • Fixed technique resources descriptions:
      • Polarized Crystal Shard description now mentions Fine Oak Round Cross Shield instead of Oak Round Cross Shield.
      • Rhal'kuk Battler Electrified Eyeball.
      • Nah'guk Rock-Hauler Big Toe.
      • Watchful Coastal Ruxus Skin.
      • Redden Watcher Gland.
      • Wild Gruok Bristle.
      • Weak Arbotus Gullet.
      • Sapphire Wolf Frozen Fang doesn't mention Craft: Sculpting V in its description anymore.
      • Timber Wolf Fang now properly mentions Defense: Mystical Ward IV in its description.

    • Hunting Knives and Dragon Intuition abilities can now gather water at a low rate.
    • Old Wooden Bucket sold by Marcus, the Kion Pawnbroker, doesn’t require any trade school or trade skill anymore but can only be used to gather water at a low rate.
    • Master Antidote now uses Lethal Venom instead of Cave Crawler Venom to create the Superior Antidote.
    • Lethal Venom is now a gatherable resource from Tier 6 Spiders and Scorpions.
    • Collection: Fabric Backpack Pouch formulas now require a minimal Clothworking skill to be scribed.
    • Weaponsmith and Fletcher trainers changes:
      • Tier I to Tier IV Weaponsmith trainers now have all metal weapons formulas of their tier.
      • Tier I to Tier IV Fletchers trainers now have all wooden weapons formulas of their tier.
      • Removed wooden weapons formulas from Weaponsmith trainers.

    • Miner’s Bounty and Gatherer’s Bounty abilities now grant a slight chance increase to get bonus resources.
    • Tier 2 Outfits and Suits formulas are available from the following trainers:
      • Iron Suit – Barton Taylor.
      • Kenaf Cargo Suit – Gangaf Tagley.
      • Kenaf Outfit – Sela Verin and Ella Verin.

    • Elial in the rift, as well as all the guardians, and the Avatar of Pain now use the bossbar.
    • Surtheim will now display a red stance decal beneath his feet when he uses Molten Armor and it now has a 5 second casting time.
    • Shards of Freedom are now stackable and have only 1 charge. Their bulk has been reduced to 1 to make them more friendly in inventory. Crafting a Shard or Exceptional Shard will now yield a stack of 10.
    • Primal Boon now has a 1s casting time (down from 5s).
    • Shaloth has grown angrier and her power and resistance has increased.
    • Vargas the Bold now sells a new epic formula, Epic Armor: Reklar’s Cape
    • Epic weapons now have glowing runes (where applicable).
    • Epic weapons now produce subtle effects when equipped, similar to Surtheim’s Pickaxe. These can be canceled with right-click.
    • The Avatar of Pain has had enough being a pushover to the gifted, and so has been empowered with a rework in his abilities and fight mechanics and should now prove to be a stronger challenge to those brave to face him.

    • Cult Guards, Cult Devotees, Cult Leader, Raving Cultists and Gorrash Toval no longer drop Tier II items.
    • Named Winter Werewolf , Bay, now drops Tier V hoard items instead of Tier IV ones.
    • These Tier VI monsters no longer drop Tier V items:
      • Furious Engineer.
      • Gatus.
      • Horde Guard.
      • Elite Horde Guard.
      • Prison Guard.
      • Prison Warden.
      • Slaver's Guard.

    • Fixed Whiskey Elemental, Champagne Elemental and Tequila Elemental floating names.
    • Motes of Rage can now drop Greater Fiery Tokens.
    • Thunder Blights now drop Blight junk items instead of Zombie ones.
    • Dark Crawler Soldiers were still dropping two resources components. Dark Crawler Soldier Leg Hair isn't used anymore so it has been removed from treasure table, obsoleted and removed from Nadia's inventory.
    • Brownback Wolf Matron changes:
      • Ability: Power Shot II and Dragon Claw Tech Kit: Deadly II now require Brownback Matron Tails instead of Forest Skulk Hunter Fins to be crafted.
      • This monster now respawns much faster.

    • The population of Roaming Arbotus has increased in the Stormy March as they live in good terms with the Bhal'kuk tribe. They also respawn faster.
    • Egg and Birthing Sacs have had their health reduced by 50%.
    • Bloodletter Egg layer has had its health reduced by 50%.
    • Gakkash the Dominator has had its health reduced by 50% and no longer gets increased damage output.
    • Guardians of Rage, Blood, Bone, Heart and Mind will now respawn more quickly.
    • Major Spiritual Heal used by Myloc Hierophants now has a 5s cast time (up from 2s) and an associated animation.
    • Thornwood Treants now also roam east-northeast of Harro.
    • Enraged Radiant Wisps now properly use radiant color, instead of dim.
    • Thornwood Treants now have their own version of Cloak of Thorns called Thornwood Bark.
    • Arboreon is now properly displayed as an aggressive monster.

    • Enchanted Bronze Key (from "Rangers in Danger: The Temple of Merrasat") now directly opens the associated chest, instead of using damage.
    • Quest "Dimensional Pocket IV: Deliver Spells for Jynasix" has been slightly revamped.
    • Quest "The Plundered Tombs" now properly mentions Pleasant Canyon instead of Pleasant Valley and Tower of Clerics instead of Clerics’ Tower.
    • Removed useless constraint on the "Stay Here, It's Safe" augmentation used in quest "Source of Power: Astronomical Observations" that was preventing the player from receiving it.
    • Doing more than one of the Universal Blighted Dye Kit quests at once could prevent them from working. They can now only be obtained one at a time.
    • "Monk: The Journeyman's Trial" should now progress properly when any version of Flow Like Water is used.
    • Quest "Fetch components for Avaraldo's Potion" will now let you loot up to 2 wings per beetle.
    • Removed an offensive reference in quest "Dimensional Pocket VIII: Mithril Bullion" to persons of short stature.
    • Updated "Become a Primal Master" quest chain to have chat links.
    • Added quest "Speak with Dargor the Primal Researcher about General Reklar" to Grizelian as a connector to Dargor if the player doesn’t have Primal Boon scribed already.
    • Dargor the Primal Researcher now offers the quest "Learn how to fight General Reklar" to those who haven’t learned Primal Boon. This replaces the blue link text he had before that offered it.
    • In quest "The Guardian and the Crystalshaper", Aratanosh now properly asks for a Viridian Crystal of Korat's Shell instead of a Viridian Crystal of Korat.
    • Quest "Fetch components for Avaraldo's Potion" now uses its own wing-membranes and not the ones gathered for the formula.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Basil the Rat" no longer requires you to have basil in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 35 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Leaf Me Alone" no longer requires you to have bay leaves in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 15 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Burnt Rice and Bitterroot" no longer requires you to have bitterroot in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 95 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: I Can't Believe It's Not Buttercap" no longer requires you to have buttercap in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 95 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Fennel Tales" no longer requires you to have fennel in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 55 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: A Touch of Ginger" no longer requires you to have ginger in your inventory.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: The Ginseng Files" no longer requires you to have ginseng in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 35 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: A Fist Full of Licorice" no longer requires you to have licorice in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 15 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Snap Dragon" no longer requires you to have mandrake in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 75 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Minty Goodness" no longer requires you to have mint in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 75 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Music of the Nightshade" no longer requires you to have nightshade in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 95 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Hatchling Cakes, Rosemary and Gruok" no longer requires you to have rosemary in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 55 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Sage Advice" no longer requires you to have sage in your inventory.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Star" no longer requires you to have star anise in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 95 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Everyone Must Get Stoneroot" no longer requires you to have stoneroot in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 75 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Truffle Ahead" no longer requires you to have truffle in your inventory, but does require you to be a minimum level 75 Confectioner.
    • Quest "Rare Foods: Dinner? Impossible!" is now repeatable once a day if you fail.
    • Imperial Outpost & Ceremonial Equipment:
      • Commander Jatel now hands out Imperial Ceremonial Tokens for completing the quest "Imperial Army: Protect Harro from a New Menace" instead of the Ceremonial items.
      • Clodomir the Master of Ceremonies will take Imperial Ceremonial Tokens as currency for Ceremonial items.
      • Quartermaster Frig Tallowgar now offers the quest "Antiquated: Ceremonial Shield to Token Exchange", but no longer offers the quest "Antiquated: Ceremonial Shield to Scale Exchange".

    • Ahala’s Sweet Tooth I will now work with Allambe at the Imperial Army Camp or in Feladan (if you have completed Feladan-in-Exile is no more).
    • Updated the Holy Symbols quest chain to use the new style of dialogue responses, to use adventure rating instead of current level, and to work if the player is a member of a Life school (Cleric, Healer, or Paladin) even if it isn’t the current school.
    • T4 arena challenge quests will now grant XP.
    • Any Brownback Outlier kill now counts in quest "Accurate Breath II: Focusing Your Breath Weapon".
    • Quest "(Daily) Acquire Gudal's Sceptre of Command" will now grant XP

    • Imperial Vaultkeepers have been added to Chiconis-Dralk community tunnels. The following exits \ entrances now contain a Vault chamber:
      • Chiconis.
      • Dalimond \ Crankenspank's Tomb.
      • Dalimond \ Sanctuary Bay.
      • New Rachival.
      • Heather Mines.
      • Hoarfrost Vale.
      • Sokdelak Mines.
      • Dralk.

    • Ranger Alleera on Dikaina Island is now a member of the Order of Rangers.
    • Spell Hallucination II is now properly sold by the Librarian of Magic in Dalimond.
    • Added campsite and decoration near Hasera and Scholars in Kion.
    • Added small amounts of Copper and Tin south, west and east of Aughundell.
    • Added Logging Camp and decoration east of Harro.
    • The big Thornwood Tree region south, east and northeast of Harro has been redone, broken into smaller groups. Added more Thornwood Trees east of Harro, and Blighted Thornwood bordering the Eastern Deadlands.
    • Fixed northeast corner of a plot elevation in Garnet Bay (hotfixed 27.05.2024).
    • Spirit Isle has been decorated.
    • Memorial Isle has been decorated
    • Fixed bad water triangle south of Feladan.

    miscellaneous Changes & Fixes
    • New Sheep Pets added to Ssaulios: White, Brown, Light Gray, Dusk.
    • Spring Sheep Pet has been renamed to Dark Gray Sheep Pet.
    • Novians can now be consigned.
    • Both Sand and (regular) Snowballs will now be accepted by consigners.
    • Shadow Tarantula Leg (already obsolete) has been removed from Nadia's inventory.
    • Fixed a display issue in the Title tooltip wherein they showed a mishmash of your full name, last name, existing title, and new title.
    • New shoulder pets Turtles! Alistair now carries a Green and a Box Turtle Shoulder pet. Anarie now carries a Jervis and a Blue Moon Turtle Shoulder pet.
    • Pawnbrokers Murrina in Parsinia and Nurusa in Kaiyart now sell their goods at the same price as any Imperial Pawnbroker.
    • Formulatron v.03 now has the same prices as the one in Dalimond.
    • Anarie now sells two new pets: Gold Scarab Pet and Tomb Scarab Pet.
    • Shepherd Dog Pet will no longer limit fly height.
    • Bipeds and dragons now have two more emotes - "daze" and "collapse".
    • Portable Scroll Tote is now Attuned on creation.
    • Farmer Holcomb Portable Scroll Tote formula has been obsoleted.
    • "Normand’s Marvelous Invention" quest has been obsoleted.
    • Golden Grouper Cargo Disk has been renamed to Portable Food Tote. It can now carry 50 items, its bulk was reduced to 500, and it can only carry cooking ingredients and completed meals.
    • Anarie now sells Portable Scroll Tote, Portable Crystal Tote, Portable Trophy Tote, Portable Potion Tote.
    • Irwina the Zookeeper now sells two new pets: Black Wisp Pet and White Wisp Pet.

    Typos & Grammar Fixes
    • Quest "Wrapped in Despair (Part 2)".
    • Quest "Fall of Tazoon: Survivors in the Desert".
    • Quest "Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination Mahagra".
    • Dragon's Winter Scarf Tech Kit description.
    • Quest "Grant Smyth: Fate".
    • Quest "Mage Training 3: An Enemy's Weakness".
    • Quest "Balit's Story: The Report".
    • Quest "ARoP10 - Scale of Ancients - The Golem King (Helian)".
    • Spelling of Remnant of Valkor’s Shield.
    • Quest "The Relic of Silvane".
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