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    I noticed they did not include a guilds forum section. I did make a request in the 'suggestions' forum. In the mean time I guess we can use this thread.

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    I just wanted to make the Dragons of Istaria who play on the Order shard aware of our guild, Keir Chet k'Eilerten.;TabID=86891

    We are an all dragon role playing guild. Through role play we shall promote the greatness of dragon kind. We shall grow in number, power, and respect within the world community and support the efforts to rid Istaria of the scourge known as the Withered Aegis.

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    I am from Pax Patronarum... In light of others posting long accounts of their guild I guess it would not hurt to ellaborate a bit on my own:)

    The purposes and aims of Pax Patronarum can best be represented by defining the name itself:

    Pax Patronarum is an anglicized form for Patroni Pacis, which means Guardians/Patrons of Paradise/Peace. The Anglicization allows patrons to take up new meanings, such as ?Patrons of the Arts."

    Now, Guardian is not actually Patroni, Patroni is more of a caretaker or protector which although similar to a guardian varies on several points:

    A protector is a more military form of what Guardian would be... a Guardian is more of one that would be a caregiver. For instance some people have parent by blood, others have "Guardians."

    Paradise is not a direct translation of Pacis. Through it being anglicized it picks up a number of the characteristics bound with such a transformation which include Christian ideals such as Paradise being a place of everlasting peace.

    Peace itself is brought along for relations. People can be at peace with others. For instance, in literary analysis you would use Protagonist Vs Antagonist or human Vs environment; all those Vs /against while peace in itself can be between or among people. By this it is meant that peace is normally viewed as an area, place, or region being at peace; while another place might be at war. So it is more taken for the relations of the people and not simply as being either at war or at peace.

    This definition is taken by those of Pax Patronarum to define the guild as well.

    We guard the living races of Istaria from the chaos that is the Withered Aegis. Not just the monsters sent against us, but the deceit and treachery it can bring from within.

    In the eternal struggle to accomplish this goal, Adventuring is the first line of defense. We kill them so they do not kill us, but behind the lines is were it gets complex. The Withered Aegis represents more than just a force to be defeated; their presence means that peace within and unity of the living races must be maintained to its highest degree.

    One crack in the "hull? of the Living Races, be it from an internal structure or a single plate on the exterior, will collapse what normally would have held back the water.

    We must do whatever we can to help others and maintain peace to the highest degree we can. Keeping the unity and camaraderie of the citizens is vital.

    We being as mentioned before "Patrons of the Arts" means we would use our power not just in pure fighting against the horde, but for the rebuilding of damage and the outfitting of the people. The training of artisans and masters in their craft is important.

    We can not bring peace to the land if we do not have peace within. It is a guild of friends, for the growth of friendship.

    For more detail about the guild, please visit our new website: (old one died on us:()

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    imported_Eileen Mavourneen

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    The Fury of Feladan began as an exclusively elven guild, determined to free Feladan from the Withered Aegis and then take the fight to THEIR homelands in revenge.

    Feladan is retaken and we were there; many of our elders have disappeared, presumably lost while fighting in WA territory; and those of us who remain have seen the value of alliance with other you will find non-elves who are accepted in our ranks (with elven sponsors/[ie alts] of course).

    We are now determined to help elves and all other races to become strong enough to resist the next WA onslaught. Feladan must not fall again! To this end, we welcome you to come and hunt with us, craft with us, quest with us-- we'll allgrow stronger, defter and wiser together.

    Though the Fury is not currently recruiting for new members, anyelf who hunts or crafts with us or has otherwise befriended several of us may petition for membership (for both self and "associates" <ie: alts> )and be taken seriously.

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    Souless Immortals.

    we specialize in putting away WA invasions.

    we're currently lobbying the gods to grant us the power of stuffingthe enemies and displaying them in our homes. [6]

    (and we actually fight and kill the WA invasions, not pretend we were there while in reality crafting or leveling some place else)

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    Excerpt from "The Elder Days" - A chronicle of The Circle of The Hawk

    (as told by Baerwyn, assayer of words)

    The light of the late summer sun glowed softly through the trees as i sat at my table, regarding a tattered scroll i had memorized through years of reading but yet returned to faithfully time and again like the soft voice of an old friend. The tap at the door could have been a distant strike from a woodpecker, though i immediately knew it was not.

    The door opened silently, effortlessly to my touch. Perhaps it was that the creak of door hinges that my visitor was expecting did not come was the cause of his silence as he stood outside the threshold, wide eyed, silent. I regarded him for a moment, waiting for him to speak. At last, clearing my throat, i broke the silence.

    "Why have you come to me today, child?" I asked, bemused that one so young would seek out a doddard such as I. It was no mystery to me that the children of Bristugo, the small village that lay a short walk from my grotto, held that I was but a confused, if somewhat amusing old man who told strange stories of shining towers and powerful wizards that could never possibly exist. True enough, I confess that I enjoyed the evenings when the stars shone bright and the summer breezes blew... blew only just strong enough so that the leaves of the trees beat a soft staccato to the stories i wove to the children's enjoyment.

    The child, perhaps some 12 years of age or so, regarded me with the eyes of a skeptic. "Theios, son of the miller, told me that you were a warlock who could turn animals to stone and make the plants sprout wings and fly." he spoke slowly, obviously unsure of how i might respond, and staying a safe distance outside away from the door. "I wanted to see what a warlock looked like" he ended simply, making the viewing of a potential warlock sound like an event akin to looking for a hidden picture in an inkblot.

    I smiled, seeing in the boy myself so many years previous... the years before the dark times when the darkness was but a rumor.

    "And now that you've seen me, presuming i am what your friend spoke of, what shall we do?" I asked, smiling softly.

    The boy paused, perhaps unsure of my meaning, perhaps thinking i was hinting at some unsavory action. In his defence, i must have looked more the rogue than the warlock, for my simple weather stained robe was adorned only with a small, crude dagger and a rope belt - no mystical sigils or glowing runes were woven in... at least not that he could see.

    "I'm not sure to tell the truth sir" he replied, impressing me that he held manners enough to not insult a potential rogue by denying him the courtesy of a "sir". "Perhaps" he continued "you might show me a trick to prove you are what Theios says". This confirmed my suspicion of his age, though also spoke either of his bravery or his boldness.

    "Well, my good man" I started, delighting in the smile that calling him "good man" brought to his young face, "it is obvious that you have taken the time and trouble to travel to my home to discover the truth of these claims, rather than just accepting or denying them offhand as most would. This suggests that there may be intellect enough in that head of yours to grasp the things that i may tell you, though i think your grasp and my telling would both be the stronger after a bite and drink. My table is yours, should you be so inclined". I gestured him in, as the candles on the table lit, just out of his sight.

    We ate in silence for a time, the youngster concentrating on the strange fare before him. It must have seemed unusual that an eccentric hermit have fresh meats and breads so readily available at a moments notice. He did not ask how the strawberries were so abundant when the harvest of them were so poor that year, nor did he ask how the cream happened to be so cold in late summer. I was somewhat disappointed he did not remark on this, however in his defence he may have been somewhat distracted by the icy stare he was held in by the large golden hawk that perched silently in the corner.

    "Pay Magnus no mind, my young friend" I spoke quietly. "Were you of the blighted lands, you would not have made it through the door without him taking a..." i grinned... "greater interest in you". The boy must have taken my meaning, though he did not appear more at ease as the setting rays of the sun shone blood red upon the gleaming steel talons of the bird.

    The meal finished, we moved from the table and he took the offered seat in one of two overstuffed chairs situated before the cold stone fireplace. He appeared disappointed that the fire did not start at a wave of my hand, as i piled the kindling and set it to light with an ember from the kitchen stove. He may not have been so disappointed had he noticed the golden crest of seven arcane looking intertwined circles woven into the chair back, and how they would have seemed to shimmer and move in the firelight had his body not blocked the flickering light from the hearth.

    We sat for a time in quiet as the darkness deepened outside. The light from the fire cast strange moving shadows on the walls as the flames caressed the logs - impossible shadows that at moments may have looked like armies on the march, or the crumbling of great towers. The glow of the fire was mirrored in the glass that held the amber liquid i had poured from an ancient looking bottle. The youngster leaned forward and regarded the wax crest on the bottle neck with interest. Seven lofty towers, each of a different design and set in a circle around one impossibly large tower, its peak cloaked in cloud, were depicted on the waxen circle, the image of the towers superimposed over the image of a hawk, caught motionless in the moment as it first leapt to flight. I could see the imagination of the youngster being fired by the image... this was the moment i was waiting for... the moment when his mind would be open to accept the things that i would speak of.

    "The bottle" i started quietly, my words interspersed by the soft popping and crackle of the fire "is from a time ancient by the reckonings of even the oldest of men. It has no contemporary." My eyes must have turned sad for a moment as i continued, perhaps too softly to hear. "Sadly like so much else from its time". I paused, regarding the fire. "Such a small thing, this bottle, and yet it if it could speak, oh the stories that it could tell.... "

    "What stories?" the boy breathed, taking the offered bait hungrily.

    "Well," I replied, "if it is like me in it's old age it would probably wish to speak of the times in its life that were the most glorious. It would tell you in it's fine, amber voice, of the Arcanascee." I took a sip of the fiery liquid and regarded the shadows on the wall.

    "What is the Arcanascee?" the boy asked, sitting forward in his chair, the woven sigil in the back of the chair glowing unnoticed behind him.

    "The Arcanascee were a council of the wise in the Elder days. For countless years, each held a seat a power in great halls spread throughout the land. It was said that the elements, the gods themselves, spoke to the Arcanascee in voices like the hush of the wind, and the roar of fire, and the rumble of rocks falling from great heights. The kings of the land would come to the Arcanascee for guidance, and those who chose to listen saw their kingdoms grow and thrive while those who chose not to listen watched as their lands grew barren. Many great empires flourished in these times, and the land was bountiful."

    The boy remained silent, sensing the story had finally begun.

    "Ages passed, and kingdoms were passed down from father to son and to son again, and so on. It seemed like such a small thing at first, when a plant here, a rock there, showed a tinge - just a hint of the blight that was to come. These signs went unremarked by even the elements, so it was no small wonder that they should escape the sight of the Arcanascee. But that was the plan of the evil from the east all along. The crops continued to come in abundantly, the herds were healthy... who would notice the lamb taken into the dark of the woods when there were so many left playing in the fields? But slowly, methodically, the blight grew. It grew under rocks where the rocks would remain unturned and unseen. It grew in the roots of plants where the green leaves above ground spoke a lie about the green blight that lay beneath. Worst of all though, it started to grow in the hearts of those who were unfortunate enough to have settled in the eastern wilds of our land. Like the plants and the rocks, the change that the blight in these men caused was so small and gradual that it was unnoticed for years upon years. Had the Arcanascee known to look, they may have seen the signs... the insistance that the men had for one copper more for their wares in the trades they would make with the races to the west, the gleam in their eye when they saw a crop fail which would make theirs more sought after." I looked at the boy. "It was not like they were set to murder, like they dreamt of their empire over all others... though in time, that too would come. Eventually however, no matter how deliberate the evil ones were in keeping their plans secret, the gaze of the Arcanascee fell upon them, and at that moment the plans of the evil became known."

    "So what happened then?" the boy asked, studying my face intently.

    "Well," i responded, "it was evident then to the evil ones that their subterfuge would not reap any further reward. They elected to bring the full force of their will to the changes that the blight would bring. Suddenly it seemed that every quiet stand of trees, every sheltered rocky pass had the blight upon it. The land, as though overnight, became blanketed in the green evil glow of blight. The kings of the land sought out the Arcanascee and through an immense effort caused much of the blight to retreat, but they had yet to see the worst that the evil ones could bring to the land. For it had been many years since there was cause for the kings of the land to have standing armies - it was a time of peace after all. And so it was that when the first undead warriors shambled out of the graves of old and took up arms against the people of the land, the kings of the land could do little to protect their realms."

    "But surely they must have been able to do something" the boy interrupted. I regarded him silently as he rushed on. "Had they not been able to do anything, then we would see the blight over all our lands today, and not just in the few little spots it still prevails in across the land". Clearly, the boy had little knowledge of the bigger world that he lived in. Mercifully, the truth of the blighted lands that lived on in the east had not made it to his ears.

    "Oh yes" I replied. "The kings did do something. As they had always done, they turned to the Arcanascee. But while the Arcanascee wielded great wisdom they did not wield arms. For the first time, the wisdom of the elements found itself bowed before the force of the evil armies. The Arcanascee knew that a new force needed to be raised to combat the evil that was marching upon them. And so it came to be that one night the hush of the wind and the crackle of the fire and the wooden creak of tree boughs was replaced for an instant with a thunderous sound and light and shaking of the earth like nothing anyone had seen, and when the tumult subsided the leader of the Arcanasee, Belcanaar, went out into the night. When he returned, all were astounded for he bore with him items of power unlike any ever crafted, as these items were forged by the gods themselves. And they came to be known as the Prochyrus K'Diz - 'The Eyes of Judgement' ".

    A low rumble sounded outside the window, the quiet summer evening giving way to low thunder clouds, moving slowly forward.

    "The Arcanascee" I continued "then took these items and gave them to the greatest of their order to wield. And the wielders formed a new order that retained the wisdom of the Arcanascee and yet wielded the power of the Eyes of Judgement, and they were to be known as the Atanassari, though the meaning of the name has been lost. And when each wielder would take their staff, Belcanaar would speak in a voice seemingly not his own and would proclaim the issuance thusly -"

    " "Caldiz, Atanassari, Lord of the Seas, wielder of Mearlayel Gudenze, crystal of power" "
    " "Zerigus, Atanassari, Lord of the Sun, wielder of Suczorchia, sword of power" "
    " "Aelmyr, Atanassari, Lord of Earth, wielder of Aymeria, ring of power" "
    " "Dylvaar, Atanassari, Lord of Fire, wielder of Valyria, bow of power" "
    " "Sarya, Atanassari, Lord of Mist, wielder of Sarnyss Gazaya, helm of power" "
    " "Greylor, Atanassari, Lord of Wind, wielder of Dulcynaria, staff of power" "
    " "Tulkarus, Atanassari, Lord of the Moon, wielder of Kazaria, chalice of power" "

    I looked at my young guest. "Go on... please..." he said, softly, seemingly afraid that the story would end untold if interrupted.

    "And then each of the Atanassari went forth and called unto them the greatest and wisest of the land and formed them into Orders which would keep the land safe and push back the evil forces of what had then become known as the Withered Aegis. And they each built a great tower of shining stone which would house their order, and each order took a name of a noble beast from the element that each leader was lord over and thus the Orders of the Eyes of Judgement were founded. And each lord placed the heartstone of their tower and spoke in turn -

    I am Caldiz, Lord of the Seas, and I call into being by the grace of the gods the Circle of the Ray
    I am Zerigus, Lord of the Sun, and I call into being by the grace of the gods the Circle of the Phoenix
    I am Aelmyr, Lord of Earth, and I call into being by the grace of the gods the Circle of the Bear
    I am Dylvaar, Lord of Fire, and I call into being by the grace of the gods the Circle of the Dragon
    I am Sarya, Lord of Mist, and i call into being by the grace of the gods the Circle of the Wolf
    I am Greylor, Lord of Wind, and i call into being by the grace of the gods the Circle of the Hawk
    I am Tulkarus, Lord of the Moon, and i call into being by the grace of the gods the Circle of the Owl

    How my young friend could not have noticed the shining symbol on the back of the chair now i could not say. The seven intertwined circles each glowed a different color from within, forming a single brilliant white point at the very center where all intersected.

    "So what happened with the Circles?" the boy asked. "And where are the towers now?"

    "Patience, my young friend" i replied, pouring another draft from the ancient bottle. I continued. "Each of the Circles went out thereafter and over the ages bent their power towards the defeat of the Withered Aegis. Many battles were fought with many victories but sadly also with many defeats. It seemed that despite all efforts the Withered Aegis was able to draw upon some deep power that withstood the efforts of the Atanassari. It became known eventually where the power came from, though i never heard what it was. I know only that the Atanassari realized the only way to forever block that power was through the use of a massive stroke of their combined divine power. It was decided that the Arcanascee could lead the races of the world in their battle with the Withered Aegis successfully now that mortal forces of war had been martialled, but only if the Aegis' mysterious power were removed, forever."

    "How did they do that?" the youngster asked.

    "Their plan was to make a massive retributive strike by the joining of all the collective power of their staves, once the bulk of the enemies forces had been lured forward. It was decided this would happen outside of the city of Tazoon. The plan proceeded, and soon a massive force of the Withered Aegis had assembled to the southwest of the city. The Atanassari began to assemble to carry out the strike that would end the Aegis forever. But the overlord of the evil forces realized what was happening at the last moment. Knowing he lacked the power to defeat the Atanassari as a whole, he bent the will of all the arcane forces at the disposal at one member of the Atanassari - Greylor, Lord of Wind."

    The eyes of Magnus, the large golden hawk, gleamed dully in the firelight, as he maintained his silent vigil, peering out the window.

    "A dark mist formed about Greylor as from nowhere. The Aegis could not hope to kill the Lord of Wind, however used its power to draw him into a magical slumber. Greylor slipped into the blackness and was somehow transported far away from the field of battle just as the Atanassari joined together in the strike that was to defeat the Aegis forever. A massive arcane explosion ripped the land asunder and devastated the forces of the Withered Aegis that were assembled on the field. When the light subsided, all that remained was the huge crater that now exists southeast of Tazoon. The 6 other lords of the Atanassari were gone, but so too was the Aegis' ability to withstand the forces of the free races forever."

    I stood from my chair, stoking the fire brighter "But now, my young friend, it grows late and you should be on your way before your village thinks I laid an evil spell on you".

    "But wait!" he cried, standing up. "Whatever happened to Lord Greylor and the Circle of the Hawk?"

    I smiled. "Well, it is said that even in his slumber, Lord Greylor somehow was able to draw the strongest and bravest in the land together, to keep the Circle alive and to stand sentinel against the evil forces. Some believe that even now they are out there," i gestured out the dark window towards the night sky, "watching and protecting". Magnus moved silently on his perch.

    "And what about the staff of power?" He asked quickly as i led him towards the door, unlit lantern in hand.

    "Oh, the staff could not be destroyed either. In fact none of the divine items could be destroyed permanently. It is said that in times of great trouble, the Prochyrus K'diz would make their way to those with the power and wisdom to wield them and thus continue their work against the Withered Aegis."

    "And now, my friend, i bid you a good night and safe journey to your village" i said, smiling and handing the boy the lantern. "I'm sure your path will be safe this evening" i finished, quickly noting the empty perch that Magnus had previously occupied.

    "One last question please?" he asked plaintively, taking the lantern.

    "Of course" I replied.

    "Do you believe it? Do you believe that the Circle of the Hawk is really out there and that there is a staff of power and that Greylor is just sleeping?"

    I placed my hand softly on his shoulder, smiling gently. "Oh I don't know, my young friend. I mean, stories of wizards and staves of power and secret Circles are wonderful to tell and hear around the fire, are they not? Besides, i am but a foolish old man like your friends in the village say. How could i know of such things?"

    He seemed disappointed in my response and took the lantern and turned to go, then stopped and looked back at me. "I'm not so sure." he responded, then seemed to remember something. "Oh, by the way you forgot to light the lantern for me".

    I smiled and silently pointed. I could see his eyes widen as i closed the door.

    A soft golden light shone from the lantern, etched intertwined circles on the glass lantern panes forming seven prisms of light on the ground.

    In the night the hunting cry of a hawk could be heard. Bristugo would once again sleep safely that night.

    Circle of the Hawk

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    EyeJon Toothas

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    Hello Everyone,

    Eye of Istaria reporting in! All members of Eye of Istaria are me. I think there are7 of us now. Makes scheduling guild meetings easy, but the arguments are fierce. The guild was named in honor of our good friend and mentor, Eyetooth Muggsmasher.

    The membership of the guild are:

    Account 1:

    EyeJon Toothas, Saris
    EyeDry Toothad, Dryad
    Shadowon DraGhost, Dragon
    Eoreh Nidalap, Elf

    Account 2:

    Namahs Relaeh, Elf,
    Abi Arkadash, Dragon
    Maakor ofThings, Half-Giant

    We look forward to seeing our fellow citizens of Order around Istaria. We have a plot in Selen and it looks like we will building a gambling den, tavern, and dwarven hut (?). It is a big plot!

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    The Family of The Kindred Spirits welcomes each and everyone to the new forums... I hope that this brings renewed vigor and love for our world and an opportunity to bring peace to the lands that we all live in...

    I posted similar comments in another section of this forum before I came across this subject..


    I wanted to take this oppotunity to introduce myself and my band of merry followers of the guild "The Kidred Spirits"... My name is Brayden and my happy family consists of myself, several industrious and loyal Elves, a couple large and magnificent winged creatures and a few gentle yet powerful Half Giants... We hail from the land of Falathien and more often then not, you will see us milling about out homestead in the southwest corner of town.

    I look forward to speaking to you all ingame or on the boards to help make our world better and safe for each of us... My family and I stand before all of you and offer any assistance that any of you may need.. You only need to ask...

    Be well..... Be safe..... and Have fun....

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    Default Erus Ex Istaria


    We are Erus Ex Istaria, originally from Dawn, and we greet you all!

    Our basic goal is to have fun with friends and family. We do not primarily seek to become the largest or most powerful guild on the server but if this happens while having fun all the better. We support each other in all manner of activities including questing, hunting, and crafting.

    Our guild is all-levels, all-races, and has been doing well since the realities merged. You will usually find 5-20 of us online at any given time (we have people in every time zone), and we recently acquired the beautiful community of Miyuki.

    Our home page and forums are at

    Seek our officers in-game, and don't hesitate to ask about us!


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