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Thread: Darkhammer - the Darkstaff Cult

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    Default Darkhammer - the Darkstaff Cult

    In theAughundell mines

    Darkhammer tells you, ?Hail and greetings. Don?t get many visitors out here anymore, which is just fine by me. I?m a member of the Darkstaff the Ancient cult and we don?t much like strangers. You best be movin? on. Get outta here.?

    I thought Darkstaff's previous students were eccentric enough...

    Hoping to find more members of the cult and add them as we go...
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    Default Re: Darkhammer - the Darkstaff Cult

    I'm not a member of the cult, but as he is/was a personal friend of mine I'd like to say hello.

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    I suspect Gregory in Dalimond, Shears Rowbuck in Harro and Melagant in Aughundell to be members of that cult, as well. And heavy boozers they are besides, if I may say, prone to send young adventurers into most dangerous regions just to aquire some bottles of wine for them from that Chardonnay person...
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