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    Dear Members of the CommUNITY,

    as i see more and more players leaving, guilds falling apart, nice plots staying empty as those few remaining can not build all on their own - i'd like to invite all to join our guild.

    The "Legion of the Golden Dawn" is a still active guild with 6 core-players and up to a dozen active players. Many have left us, it's true, though the ones remaining consider themselves friends, united by the hard times we are going through.

    We managed to finish our t5-GuildHall in 100% own work (!), with many of the so freed plots still empty. So come on, whoever you are - be it winged or biped, pure crafter or brave huntsman, lvl 1 or a dozen lvl 100s - join the legion and have fun with us!

    Contact me ingame (Hagen_ice) or leave a message after the ... *beeep* [:)]

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    I joined the guild about 5 months ago and have been an active member ever since.

    IMO The Legion of the Golden Dawn is one of the most flexiable guilds I have joined. Members are able to take part in any of the guild events or be solo members.

    The Legion, before the big patch, used to have lots of guild hunts and guild building events. Since the patch and the large vaults most of the time has been spent with building work. As a guild we have collected some of the higher tier resources for the Guild House.

    Lower members (myself included) who have not been able to collect the resources have carried the resources to their vaults. While some of our members are not able to build on their plots (e.g. Dragons) but this has not stopped their plots from being built because they can help in other ways.

    New formulas have been purchased for the builder, which have been paid for either completely by another members or by each member with an amount they could afford.

    After all the building work the guild was able to complete our guild house (see below) and several buildings on several member plots.

    Even with all the building work going on the guild has still found time to have guild hunting trips for either the fun or as part of a Dragon RoP.

    We have helped to remove some of the new mobs near the Gold fields outside Mahagra, Cotton Fields outside Aug and other locations for example the gate quests near the Valley of Repose.

    Quote Originally Posted by HAG
    Contact me ingame (Hagen_ice) or leave a message after the ... *beeep* [:)]

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