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Thread: JM-shops in Aughundell & Heather

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    Default JM-shops in Aughundell & Heather

    Our guild is busy on working at several JM-shops located in Heather next to the landing padand in Aughundell Battlefield right at the gate. These shops will be available to the public once finished (like my former Harro-Stoneshop).

    In particular, we are building:

    in Heather:a woodworking shop and a scholar shop (oak and glowing around)

    in Aughundell: a tinker shop, a BLK shop, a cloth shop, and a stoneshop. (aughundell mines with iron/nickel, granit, and cotton/silk near augh)

    You are welcome to help on this task, especially with the needed silk, bright essence and cobalt involved. If you want to help, but are no builder, you can contribute the ressources to any of our guild.
    Dvergar Blutaxt @ Unity (former ICE) / Paladin 97 - Mason 100 // before hibernation

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    Default Re: JM-shops in Aughundell & Heather

    on my plot in Heather i have a JM blacksmith shop, a JM scholar shop, a JM alchemist shop and a tier IV cosigner shop all open to the community

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    Default Re: JM-shops in Aughundell & Heather

    greetings dev , sunuke
    i make a deep apology for doing this but i just want to inform all
    this is just as an info for all

    since i was asked to support community

    i as dragons bought a plot in tobrez jump cresent and then run south jump down to the road , third plot north
    i set there a vault 6 tier 2 silos and a jm stoneworking shop and expert scholar shop to build since the plot is a 1.870 gold one iam
    out of stock so i cant pay you if you want to use it for levling builder or just for fun build it if not np for me
    all i want i s to tell you its there (theone with 10 snow man the only thing a dragon can build )

    its your choice

    thanks for reading this community i wont make further infos

    greetings dunkel and family
    dunkel_ice helian 100 100 5,5 mio hoard
    dunkelzahnjr helian 80 42 280 k
    Hrdunkelzahn helian 80 41 280 k
    now all adult

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