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    I am the Guildmaster of the Peacekeepers of the BlueStar and I am head hunting for 5-10 new members to join our guild.

    Anyone who is above level 10 rating is more than welcome to apply for Guild membership.

    If you wish to know more about our Guild then check out

    As we are a new guild not everything has been worked out as of yet and I would be more than happy to listen to any and all suggestions in the creating/building of the Guild.

    Oh and Happy Christmas (if your into that kinda thing! :) )

    (If I am on the wrong thread for this then I apologise to the mods)

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    Dont see why its in a wrong thread :)

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    There is another Recruitment Thread for Guilds...

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    good place for it let it be here np with that for me
    and greetings deme
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shardzz
    If you wish to know more about our Guild then check out
    It's a little bit hard to check your website when you don't get acces to it unless your a member :)

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    First of all ... grrr, they shoult just delete their link to their guild site, then they should just say we have a web-site , cool web-site , very nice web-site, but only if you join our guild you will be able to see it ... loooool, childish,

    Afraid of competition ? :D stop posting this spam if you don't treat new guys good and let them to know your community , and your community events and those .....

    I didn't want to join you or anything, i have my own guild i've worked and gave my soul for: web-site, ranks, everything thank you .... just curious cos you made so much attention on yourself , heh :)
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