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Thread: New emotional actions (quick)

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    Default New emotional actions (quick)

    I wouldn't mind being able to give a warrior's greeting hug to a friend when I see him and haven't chatted for a while. Perhaps a Charge abillity:
    Action: Player would rais his arm and launch into a fast sprint roaring "Charge!"
    Effect: +130 Damage. -15 Recycle Time. -8 Delay. +78 Armor. +33 Magic Defense.
    Recycle: 50 Minutes.
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    Default Re: New emotional actions (quick)

    While these things may be a nice thing to have, AE really has other things to worry about than fluff such as that, andI wish they would fous on that rather than the fluff about blighted weapons and raising the level cap, but oh well.

    Anyways, that Charge may need to be revised and put into different levels instead of just that one. I can't imagine a level one using it and doing +130 damage.
    And if anyone needs more emotes it's dragons. We have what? four? five? But yes, more emotes for everyone would be a good thing. Since this is your thread, perhaps you could make a list of hat you would like to see instead of just requesting unspecific emotes.


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