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Thread: comming to hz

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    Default comming to hz

    I have troulbe running DAOC on my win2000 PC, it has 256 mb memory, radeon 9200 se 128 mb on a mis motherboard with a athlon 1.2 and via chipset.
    will hz run on this pc.

    note DAOC does not support win2000.

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    it will run but like a dog!

    if you can upgradeto 512 min or 1gb at a push

    also if you cna upgrade cpu thats anotehr bonus

    i run hz ona similar system (laptop) only difference is its a 2.8 celeron cpu and 386 ram and its not pretty

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    HZ is a beast. I have a nice computer, can't remember specs right now, but somewhere around 2.6 Ghz, 512 RAM, etc, etc, and HZ still lags especially on Chaos at peak hours.
    I reccommend you upgrade a bit, and choose to play on Order, only if you can RP though, or Blight, which you may want to avoid just because of the reason I say that: there are almost never more than twenty people on at any one time.
    If you must, use Chaos, but don't say I didn't warn yah.


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    Thx guys I upgraded to win XP and that solved my problems. I should be getting the HZ software from amazon next week so I will be giving it a try.

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    Zideon Locke

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    Please let us know if we can do to make your stay a pleasant one. Greetings from the Staff here at Artifact Ent.

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