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Thread: How To: Get the Dark Cyclone Spell

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    Default How To: Get the Dark Cyclone Spell

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    Dark Cyclone Spell

    To get the scroll:
    Requirements:60 adventure level.

    These quests are not Class specific so any class can do them.

    What you do:
    First of all to get the scroll for the spell you need 85 Nature tokens (Each token worth 10cp each on Iseru who's located in the Nature Tower).

    To get the tokens you have to do 2 quests which come from 2 NPC's standing just inside the door to the left inside the Nature Tower.

    The 2 quests you will get are the ( Tree pie Rank and Chough Rank ) quests.
    Go kill 6 different mobs / 5 of each mob.
    The mobs are found in the spiral in Western Dreadlands randomly

    After you complete the quest return to both quest givers and receive 7 tokens from each.

    Resources to make spell:

    This part can only be done by a character with 750 Nature Skill

    What to do:
    Talk to Iseru in druid tower and ask about Lore Tokens, Etc, Etc, till u get the quest.

    Then climb to the top of the tower and meditate.

    After meditating for a while you will start to understand the fury and power of the winds at such high altitude.

    Then you go back down and talk to Iseru again who tells you to collect some parts from the golem and wisps then to return to him

    Go to Floating Island and jump off... surrounding the water are Storm Wisp's and Tempest Golems. Those are what you need

    As soon as the Golem's dead an item pops in your inventory which is the Tempest Phylactery

    Now, Kill the Storm Wisp's and collect 4 Storm Essences.

    Return to Iseru at the Nature Tower.

    Iseru will tell you to keep the items.

    Take the 4 items to a spell crafter and let them make your spell.
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    Default Re: How To: Get the Dark Cyclone Spell

    Uhm - the first part isn't really necessary.. at least it wasn't for me. I just did from "Resources to make spell:" and took the comps to a guildie who could craft the spell.

    Didn't get the "epic" feel at all tbh - but the spell sure is a beauty!
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    Default Re: How To: Get the Dark Cyclone Spell

    Thanks ThunderZtorm.
    None of my alts are powerful enough to attempt the 'epic' so I've not been able to verify the information. Thanks for the update!
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