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    Food is currently designed to remove your death points in 3 min 4 min 5 min or 6 minute increments.
    You can eat up to 44 different foods per your tier every 10 minutes to help you reduce the 8 hour
    death point time. So if you eat 1 food of each of the 44 every 10 minutes you will remove 3 hours
    and 24 minutes of the 8-hour death point time. Foods have a recycle time of 10 minutes so you can
    eat 1 of each of the 44 foods then you have to wait 10 minutes before you can start eating again.

    Currently all foods are Tier related. Tier 1 food items are useable by adventurers level 10 to 19,
    Tier 2 foods adventures from 20 to 39, Tier 3 foods adventurers from 30 to 59, and Tier 4 foods
    for everyone 60 to 79 adventurers. The types of foods currently available are soups, stews, pies,
    jerkies, roasts, pickled, and steaks there are 8 types of soups and 6 of all the other food types.
    There are also in the game 4 foods that increase stats for 3 minutes: spun sugar, candied carrots,
    beef pasty and gruok wurst. The formulas for these items were only available during the Festival
    of Tazoon back in December, so only the players that bought them back then have those formulas.
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    Kabobs need to be added the list of types of foods and a mention of the Festival food formulae also being made available during the Winter Festival (still going on and still in game for availability).

    There is also 2 other types of food that were only available during the Fall Festival: Candied Apple and Pumpkin Pie which will give gifts (meaning the buff takes up the gift slot) of Dexterity/evasion and Health respectively.

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    Thanks for the update. =)
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    Sorry, another update I didn't notice before. For DP reduction foods there are 50 available food types for tier 1 and tier 2 and 26 available for tiers 3 and 4.

    I think that's it. :P

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    No problem, thanks again for the update! =)
    (and I'll even update the orginal post here in a few... ;)
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