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    Orginally posted by NerissaGoldenrose, as found on the Tazoon Boards.
    Data might be a little old, I'll be going though it later.
    ================================================== ========
    Q: Where do I find a (fletching, armorcrafting, etc.) skill trainer?
    A: There are no skill trainers for crafting skills. Training points are earned by adventure levels, and can only be used in adventuring skills.

    Q: How do I get formulas?
    A: It depends on the type of formula. Formulas for refining resources (making items such as metal bars that you would then use to make another item, or refining/cleansing blighted resources) can normally be bought from an apporpriate trainer. Which trainer(s) carries a particular formula is mostly determined by which class can use the formula. You won't necessarily find all of the formulas you can use on your school's trainer, but you won't find any that your class cannot use. Prices vary by the minimum skill required to use the formula.

    Formulas for "finished" items (weapons, armor, etc.) can be obtained in several ways. The most common is to trade lore tokens to your class trainer for them. This can be done in one of two ways. First, you can open a trade with thetrainer and trade him lore tokens for formulas. Trainers do not take coin, only "copper credit" which you get for trading in lore tokens. One lore token = 1 cp credit. Formulas start at 5cp (credit) for basic formulas (i.e. 5 lore tokens) -- more difficult formulas cost more. The other way you can get formulas is to use a Formulas bot . If you follow the links,they will give you the opportunity to trade 1 lore token for a random formula. This is guaranteed to be something your school can use, although you may not yet have the skill to scribe it.

    Formulas occasionally drop off of monsters, so it's possible to get them adventuring. Often adventurers, or those who chose the random option from the lore keeper and received a duplicate formula, will place formulas fore sale on a consignment merchant.

    Q: How do I get lore tokens?
    A: The most common way to get lore tokens is to do tasks for one of your school's trainers. The difficulty of the task, and the number of lore tokens received, will depend on your level when you are given the task. These tasks also give xp in your crafting school, so they will help you level as well.

    Lore tokens also occasionally drop off of monsters, so again, you may be able to get them adventuring or from a consignment merchant.

    Q: What are these "techs" everyone is talking about?
    A: "Tech" is short for "technique". When you create an item, you can apply a particular technique to its creation to give it special properties. As an example, if you create a pair of boots, you can create them in such a way as to give the wearer a bonus to their speed. Techniques fall into one of the following categories: Sockets, Attribute, Defense, Adventure, Craft, Spell. The category, as well as the specific technique, determines what that technique can be applied to.

    Q: So how do I apply a technique?
    A: Well, first you have to "learn" it by obtaining and scribing the technique in the same way you would a formula. (See the next question for how to get a technique.) Then in the create item window, you select the technique(s) you wish to use and click the downward-pointing arrow to apply them to this item. Applying a technique will add components to what is required to make the item. A list of components required for particular techniques can be found elsewhere on this forum.

    Q: How do I get a technique?
    A: Techniques occasionally drop off monsters, and can sometimes be found on consignment merchants, but the most common way to get a technique is to trade bounty markers to a quartermaster for it. Quartermasters work similarly to Lore Masters, however they do not give you the "random" option. Open a trade with a quartermaster and you will see all of the techniques that they have available. Prices are 5, 15, and 30 cp "credit" depending on the level of the technique-- he does not take coin, he only trades for bounty markers. 1 bounty marker = 1cp credit.

    Q: So where do I get bounty markers?
    A: Again, you can occasionally find them off monsters or on consigners, but the most common way is to do tasks for them. There are two quests in which you can get bounty markers.

    Some quartermasters will give you a quest if you greet them. Quartermasters in South Tazoon (many people's preference because he's right next to the teleport pad and porting to Tazoon is free), Mahagra, and Dalimond are confirmed to give quests. Quartermasters in Aughendell and New Rachivel do not. (list to be updated as other quartermasters are checked) Normally, this task will be to gather 50 of some type of processed resource, then return it to any quartermaster. He doesn't care if you make it yourself or not, as long as you have enough of whatever he asks for. Reward for this quest is xp in both your crafting and adventure schools, coin, and a bounty marker.

    Alternatively, speak with Dennison Jadefellow on the docks in Dalimond, who will ask you to collect items in exchange for bounty markers. 50 maggot hides gains 1 marker, 6 maggot mandibles gains 2 markers, and 1 soul fragment gains 3 markers.

    Q: What's the difference between a level I and a level II technique?
    A: The level of the technique indicates the minimum "tier" of item that it can be applied to. Level I techniques can be applied to anything, level II techniques can only be applied to tier 2 or higher items, etc. Generally, the higher level the technique, the larger bonus it gives to the item.

    Q: Can I put more than one technique on the items I make? Like can I put both Weaponcraft II and Armorcraft II on an Iron Smithing Hammer?
    A: You CAN put more than one technique on an item as long as they are of the correct teir to do so.

    Tier 1 and tier 2 are only able to accept a single technique per item so in answer to the second question, no you could not tech an Iron Smithing Hammer with both Weaponcraft II and Armorcraft II. Now, once you reach tier 3, and later tier 4, you can indeed apply 2 techniques per item. So a Steel or Cobalt Smithing Hammer could very well be teched with Weaponcraft III AND Armorcraft III if the item allowed for it and that was your wish.

    It is currently speculated that tier 5 and tier 6 will allow for 3 techniques per item give the current trend but it is not confirmable since neither of these tiers have been introduced to the game yet.

    Q: What do you mean by "tier"?
    A: Tier refers to the level of item you are creating. Each tier uses a different type of material. The items are more difficult both to make and use. For example, Tier 1 metal is bronze, Tier 2 metal is iron. When you begin making metal materials, you work with bronze, and when you begin adventuring, you will use bronze equipment (if you use metal equipment). After you have obtained enough skill, you will move on to iron. Each tier covers approximately 20 levels or 200 skill points.

    Q: I scribed the technique, but it didn't show up in my create window. Why not?
    A: Most likely, the technique cannot be applied to the item you are trying to make. For example, Speed technique can only be applied to boots, Spell techniques can only be applied to spells, (and ice-based techniques can't be applied to flame spells, etc.)

    Q: The quartermaster doesn't have any techniques of the type I'm looking for.
    A: Each quartermaster carries a different type of techniques. Craft techniques can be found in Aughundell or New Rachival, spell techniques in Dalimond, attribute and defense techniques both in Mahagra, and adventure and socketing techniques in Tazoon.

    Q: Does my Crafting Rating affect how much experience I earn from crafting?
    A: No, unlike your Adventure Rating it's there for comparison only. You can multi-class into as many crafting classes as you wish without slowing down your ability to progress in any of them.

    Q: So what does affect how much experience I earn?
    A: Your skill level in the relevant skill. If you have a skill of 50 in metalworking, for example, and make a smithing hammer (minimum skill required 1), you'll get more experience for it than you will making the same hammer later when your skill is 100. However, your current crafting class has to actually include that skill for you to get any experience at all. If you are a blacksmith, for example, you will never get any experience making flaxen items, even if you do have a couple of levels of outfitter. You'll only get experience making cloth & leather while your current school is outfitter (or tailor, or some other school that includes the same skill).

    Q: Why is my base skill only X when as a <prestige crafting class> I'm supposed to get Y points per level of my prestige class?
    A: When you switch to a prestige class, you get the first 10 or 15 levels for "free", you don't start at level 1. But for those free levels, you only earn skills a the rate of the crafting class you qualified in, not as that of the prestige class. E.g. Outfitter gets 8 pts / lvl in Armorcraft skill, but an Armorer gets 10. It takes a minimum of 10 levels of Outfitter to join Armorer (Armorcraft skill 80). When you become an Armorer from level 10 Outfitter, you start at level 10, but your skill is still only 80. So at level 20 Armorer, you base skill will be only 180, not 200 (10x8 + 10x10). Etc. Similarly with other prestige classes.

    Q: I just joined a second crafting school. Why isn't my skill going up when I level?
    A: When cross-classing, your total skill is the highest skill you would have with only one school. For example, if you are a level 10 blacksmith (7 points in mining per level), your base mining skill would be 70. If you then join the miner school (11 points in mining per level), your mining skill would remain at 70 until you reach level 7, at which point it would become 77.

    Q: What use are Cargo Disks? The speed penalty seems to outweigh the capacity bonus...
    A: By far the most useful feature of Cargo Disks is their ability to be 'grounded'. On your equipment screen, you have a button to ground/unground your cargo disk. By equipping and then grounding it, the disk will stay where you leave it, and more importantly not slow you down. And probably the best place to park it is right next to the machines you use in the field. You can then harvest a full inventory of raw resource, process it, and then place the processed resources into the Cargo Disk, leaving your inventory free for another harvesting run. Think of it as a moveable vault that you can use those processed resources from as if you were carrying them.

    Cargo disks vary in several aspects -- some have a higher speed than others (Standish Cargo Disk), others have a high storage space but allow for only 1 type of item stored at one time (Tarbash Cargo Disk). The Standard and Deluxe Cargo Disks have something of both. The Tarbash is very popular, for it is the only disk you can take with you while equipped when you teleport.
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    a little addition to bring it more up to date:

    The formulas for crafted items can now be bought from the craft trainers in exchange for lore tokens. Lore Masters are not in the game anymore. But you can still play the game of chance and pay 1 token for a random formula. For this you have to seek out a 'Formulatron'. Such automatons exist for beginner and journeyman formulas and they can be found in New Rachival and in Dalimond. If you greet one and decide to spend 1 token, you'll get a random formula of your current craft school.

    Cargo disks vary in several aspects -- some have a higher speed than others (Standish Cargo Disk), others have a high storage space but allow for only 1 type of item stored at one time (Tarbash Cargo Disk). The Standard and Deluxe Cargo Disks have something of both. The Tarbash is very popular, for it is the only disk you can take with you while equipped when you teleport.
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    Default Re: FAQ: Crafting

    Thanks Snickel, the report as been updated. =)
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    Default Re: FAQ: Crafting

    Here's another question for the list (and I'd love the answer):

    How do I know which stats are useful for which skills?

    I'm using the HCC to design some jewelery for Fitting and I'm not sure if it's pure Strength or if another stat will help too ... I know there used to be a chart, and it is periodically linked in the forums, but I foolishly did not bookmark it.

    Levity Merrel

    EDIT: The HCC contains this information! So maybe that could be listed in the FAQ :)

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    That link can help...

    and yes, that information is in the HCC.. however, I do believe now 90% of that information is now incorrect.
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    Alternatively, speak with Dennison Jadefellow on the docks in Dalimond, who will ask you to collect items in exchange for bounty markers. 50 maggot hides gains 1 marker, 6 maggot mandibles gains 2 markers, and 1 soul fragment gains 3 markers.
    Needs deletion: Jadefellow has retired from the maggot business : )

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    Default Re: FAQ: Crafting

    Compeltely? at last check itwas only from needing Soul Frags..
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogowolf
    Compeltely? at last check itwas only from needing Soul Frags..
    To date: He offers the quest (link) to turn in the Soul Fragments, however, he won't take any from my inventory. All of the other quests he offers works.

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