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    Default FAQ: Skill Points.

    As posted on taz, by Cynge.
    again, data is most likly old.. let me know of needed updates. =)
    There seems to be a lot of confusion floating around the forums about the differences between a characters Base skill, and Current skill. This is not without some cause, because the two hold completely different meaning to Adventurers and Crafters. There is also some confusion about the usage of Training Points. I hope to explain all of it here with as few mistakes as I can accomplish.

    Base Skill
    Base skill is just that, your base, unmodified skill. It represents your "true" skill level, without any buffs, equipment, etc added into the mix. Base skill is determined by your class/level. For instance, a 10th level Scout has a Base Bow skill of 100, because he receives 10pts/level.

    For Adventurers, Base Skill is by far more "important" than Current skill. This is because your ability to use new weapons/armor is decided by your base skill, not your current skill. If a bow has a requirement of 100 Bow, then your Base Bow must be at least 100. This works the same for Mages with their spells. (Note: Items may also have a level requirement which you must meet in addition to the skill requirement, but that's a separate issue.)

    For Crafters, Base Skill is all but worthless. Your base skill is still determined by your Class/Level, but it has far less meaning. I'll explain this in the Current Skill section.

    Things that increase Base skill: Leveling

    Current Skill
    Current skill is your base skill with modifications applied. It represents your "altered" skill level, based on buffs, equipment, or even penalties (debuffs, death penalty, etc). To continue the example of the 10th level scout above, he has a Base Bow skill of 100, but has a bow equipped that adds +5 to his bow skill. His Current Bow skill would be 105.

    For Adventurers, Current Skill is useful, as the higher the better. Things like your ability to hit mobs, or evade mobs, etc all take into consideration your Current skill. That scout with a +5 bow (for 105 Current) would hit better than a scout who only had a regular bow (and thus 100 Base and Current)...albeit the difference isn't all that great.

    For Crafters, Current Skill is the number you'll look at most often. Crafters ability to scribe formulas, and make items is based completely on their Current Skill. Say for example a formula has a requirement of 100 Fletching, and a characters Base skill is only 90, but that character has an item that adds +10 to fletching, thus making his Current Skill 100. He can both scribe and create the item. So you see why Base Skill is rather meaningless to a crafter. (Note: This was tested using Jeweler and Scholar. It may be untrue for dragon crafters, and a bug may be in existence that makes it untrue for certain biped classes.)

    Dragon?s Breath is an exception to the above rules on how a Current Skill is determined. Dragon?s Breath does not receive bonuses from an attribute, but is instead supposed to be based on the size of one?s hoard.

    Things that increase Current skill: Attributes (Str, Dex, etc.), Teched Equipment, Jewelry, Buffs, Debuffs, Death Penalty

    Training Points
    Training Points are used to increase your skill in a given...well, skill. You receive 1 point per level, and that point will train your skill up by 2 points. This raise is to your Base skill. Due to the very nature of the Current skill, however, it will also raise (after all, it is your Base plus modifications). As mentioned, you receive 1 pt per level, the first time you achieve that level. So you cannot level to a 5th level warrior, receive 5 training points, switch classes to cleric and level to 5, and receive an additional 5. You would receive your points for the 5 levels in warrior, and would only receive points in cleric if you achieved 6th level.

    You use Training points by finding the appropriate Master. If you wish to raise your Bow skill, you must find the Bow Master and spend a point. Training Sword requires a completely different master. These masters are not your class trainers, but are other NPCs spread out over the world. Once a point has been trained, you cannot untrain it. To my knowledge, AE hasn't stated if this will be a feature in the future.

    For Adventurers, usage of Training Points is a nice bonus. It can help make up for lower increases when converting to a Prestige school, such as our Scout above changing to an Elemental Archer and only receiving 9 pts per level instead of 10. He can use a training point to keep himself at a 10 pt per level pace, and use new bows as they become available for his level.

    For Crafters, usage of Training Points is worthless...or rather not possible. At this time there are no masters for the crafting skills. Training points are a feature of the Adventurers only.

    Misc Info/FAQ
    But...only my Current skill changes when I use a training point??
    This is a known bug. This is due to the way the skill sheet is currently updated. Only the Current skill is checked for any changes to a skill. The only time which your Base skill is checked for a potential change is when you log in, or you gain a level. When you apply your training points, your Base skill does go up, you just can't see it. If you relog, or you gain a level, you will notice that the change has been applied. Update: Should be corrected with the Feb 2, 2004 patch

    Can I use training points to increase a skill, and be able to use weapons/spells earlier?
    Yes and no. If you already receive 10 points per level in the skill, you won?t get access to new weapons/spells earlier. All items have a level requirement associated with them in addition to the skill requirement. This level requirement usually corresponds to the skill requirement in 1 level per 10 skill. So an item requiring 100 skill would require you to be 10th level. If however, you don?t gain 10 points per level (as a hybrid prestige class for instance) you can use training points to offset the loss, and be able to use the items as you reach the level required.

    I?ve used training points to increase my *skill* to 250, but I still can?t equip an *item* that only needs 250 skill?
    See the above question. Double check the level requirement and make sure you meet it.

    What is better to raise, the Attribute (Str/Dex) or the Skill (1H Slash/Bow)?
    The short answer is, it varies. If you just want to raise a particular skill, obviously go for that skill. Raising an Attribute affects more things however. To determine your best course of action, a valuable resource is: (Note: Chart only displays Crafting relationships.)

    Training Point ?Master? Locations
    Attribute Masters
    Strength: Harro (28242, 24877)
    Dexterity: Kion (20537, 24446)
    Power: Floating Isle (21924, 27340)
    Focus: West of Dalimond, in small village
    Health: Aughundell, in the miners shaft (24850, 25577)

    Combat Masters
    Slash: Tazoon south (23656, 24921)
    Crush: Dalimond (22737, 22651)
    Bow: Dalimond (22926, 22792)
    Pierce: Morning Light (27898, 28366)
    Unarmed: New Rachival (23139, 25595)

    Spell Masters
    Flame : Dralk (22528, 29035)
    Life : Chiconis (24386, 22081)
    Ice : Kirasanct (23745, 27963) When you come out of the main entrance to the city, follow the spiral path down until you get to the road leading away from it. Walk straight on ahead down this road and turn a little to the left - on a small hill quite near the road there is a cluster of trees. The ice trainer is amid those trees, facing towards the city.
    Nature: Mahagra, over the Ice flow (23407, 30990)
    Energy: New Rachival (23168, 25594)
    Spirit: Augendell (24963, 26148)
    Blight: Parsinai, nr the top of the mountain
    Augmentation: Chiconis? (not sure on this one)
    Mind: Floating Isle (21861, 27368)

    Dragon Combat Masters
    Breath Accuracy: Dralk (Luadius)
    Drain Strike: Dralk (Severant)
    Scale Hardener: Dralk (Zebeginia)
    Spiked Scales: Dralk (Rykhar)
    Tooth & Claw: Dralk (Periado or Xerix)

    Dragon Spell Masters
    Healing: Chiconis (Frall)
    Gift: Chiconis (Kaliphar)
    Primal: Chiconis (Gizelian or Liandia)
    Ice Strike: Chiconis (Wintheria)
    Augmentation: Chiconis (Memni)

    NerissaGoldenrose: Suggestions/Corrections
    Strikefear: Correcting the error referring to ?masters? as trainers
    Camelot: For his thread with trainer locations.
    Jac0m0TheFool: Link to Skill/Attribute Relationships and information relating to them.
    Liertanzer: Info on the dragon breath weapon.
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    Default Re: FAQ: Skill Points.

    Well, one thing that comes to my mind is that the section about the TPs is outdated.

    1. The whole numbers and way of spending TPs has changed.
    2. You don't need Trainers anymore.

    As i had my first lvl 100 adv some weeks (or months?) ago, i can't remember any current numbers on the TPs but i'm sure some1 can put them in here. :)

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    Default Re: FAQ: Skill Points.

    Training points can be allocated (and re-allocated) right in the character window. They increase the base points in several statistics that influence adventuring and crafting.

    The stats that are automatically gained with each lvl (depending on school) can be found on:
    snickel wigglsniff (retired) Twilight Crusaders on Unity
    poggle wigglsniff (gnomish crafter and mage) semi-retired on Order
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