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Thread: New Log Analyzer Project

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    Default New Log Analyzer Project

    As some of you might know I've been working on a new log analyzer project for Horizons, since the old one hasn't worked since the log files have changed.

    The thread can be found here:

    I have created a Yahoo Group in order for those that might be interested in
    helping me with this project, or for those that just want to have all the latest

    The Group will be used to discuss the technical side of Horizons, with
    topics like how much XP you gain when you kill a level 5 mob when you are
    a level 3, and how to get this data from the log files and/or the program itself.

    RALPH (the name of the project) is being created in VB.NET (1.1) using
    an Access back end.

    If you are into numbers or the statics of the game, or have any VB.NET
    or SQL experience, I implore you to join the group and become an active
    part of this project.

    Please note that a Yahoo account (free) is needed to join the group.
    also if you do not wish to read about the technical side of things, please
    set you Email to 'Special Notices Only' This will inform you new alpha/beta
    releases, but will not send you any of the 'chat' emails.

    I will offer downloads of the program from 'somewhere' once I know where I
    can place it. However, the newest versions of the program will
    always be posted to the group FIRST.

    If you don't care about the project, but still have ideas on what you would like
    to see in this program, please reply to the thread above.

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    Default Re: New Log Analyzer Project

    Do to some questions about this project I've created a little mini-Faq. =)

    Q: What is RALPH?
    A: R.A.L.P.H., besides being one of my favorite movie characters stands for the
    'Role-players Adept Logical Playing Helper' which means that it's a set of
    tools that can be used with your game to help you play.

    Q: What is the Log Analyzer section?
    A: RALPH reads (parses) your log files to glen information and data from them.
    then the system puts all that information together into a report that you
    can view. This information not only can help you see your average
    damage done to a MOB, but also the amount of damage done to you.
    Ever wondered what MOB drops what Loot? RALPH can tell you.
    Wanted to know how you 2H-Slash weapon compares to a 2H-Crush on
    a maggot? RALPH will be able to tell you.

    Q: But what about multiple characters?
    A: Ahhh, RALPH handles that also. But not JUST by Toon Handle. The system
    also handles the combat data by Horizon BUILD. So not only can you compare
    how you monk fights a MOB vs. your Warrior, but how you can track how
    your character has changed as he/she/it has gained levels, AND how your toon
    has changed with new Builds of the game!

    Q: Is the log ana.. thingy the only thing that RALPH is going to do?
    A: Oh H#*LL no. There's a TON of new features planned for RALPH.
    but the log 'Thingy' is the first step.

    Q: I'm not a programmer, nor to I really know anything about the inner workings
    of the game.. Can I still help?
    A: Oh yes you can! One of the main secondary features of RALPH needs data
    that isn't apart of the logs. The Logs only give so much data, the rest of
    needs to be received in-game. things like a list of all known zones, and what
    mobs are in those zones. Lists of items and what it takes to build them.
    specs on special items that you can not build. There's plenty of things that
    can be done to help out.

    Q: How is RALPH being created? Can I see the source?
    A:RALPH is written in VB.NET 1.1 using Regular Expressions to parse the logs and
    saves that information into an Access database.And in newer versions, WEB
    based updates and datasharing is in the design plans.

    This is a freeware andcommunity project, so the source will be released
    under the stipulation that any code used in other projects must retain
    the name of the programmer the created the code you are going to use.
    It's only fair. =)

    AKA Maguai, PogoWolf (Chaos) /

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    Default Re: New Log Analyzer Project

    AKA Maguai, PogoWolf (Chaos) /

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    Default Re: New Log Analyzer Project

    Would it be easier to modify the original program to handle the new logfile format? It was pretty good while it lasted.

    It would be VERY nice if AE provided some assistance, both for this and for the Pekka maps, to help ensure their smooth integration.
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    Default Re: New Log Analyzer Project

    Quote Originally Posted by Kulamata
    Would it be easier to modify the original program to handle the new logfile format? It was pretty good while it lasted.

    It would be VERY nice if AE provided some assistance, both for this and for the Pekka maps, to help ensure their smooth integration.
    Well, no not really. The orginal program was created MONTHS before even merge. and hasn't been updated un quite some time. I do not believe the author is even in HZ anymore, and above and beyond that.. there's no source code that was released for it. So there's nothing really for me to be able to modify.

    and yes, it would be VERY nice for AE to assist in this 'little' project. However, they won't provide the detailed information that I would like to have (like the inner workings of how your attacks work, and a full data on each MOB.) So that just needs to be 'wormed' out of the logs. But since AE isn't in the position to be able to help, that's why I turned to the community. this is a community project FOR the community BY the community.
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    Default Re: New Log Analyzer Project

    AKA Maguai, PogoWolf (Chaos) /

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    Default Re: New Log Analyzer Project

    I'll try to drop by the Yahoo Group and add my input regarding the programming aspect (although I personally dislike .NET). I'm fairly familiar with the log files from working on my chat log reader program.
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    Default Re: New Log Analyzer Project

    Thanks Gilresk,
    any help would be great. =) it's a community project for the community!
    sorry that you don't like .NET.. [:D]
    AKA Maguai, PogoWolf (Chaos) /

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