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Thread: Future Community Building Projects

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    I chatted some with Sunuke about next project after Abandoned isle and she told me that we follow the list above wich suit me as I want us to build the brisge to Fabric isle soon. I notice now that porting from player towns when doing weaving isnt the easiest thing to do if you want a good spot. Building the bridge + the cloth shop will makes it much easier for all tailors, weavers, outfitters, gatherers and Tinkerers. Did I forgot someone? Im convinced that we finnish Abandoned isle in no time so shouldnt we start at next project if we got time over? We dont need to finnish it, just start it. What ye think?
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    Erm. Last time i checked i was still a guy[:P]

    I was thinking more about doing this event the week after.

    Sure we could do it but you can also push it, I think if we do it the week after ppl would join sooner then doing this now in one batch.

    It will give enough effort to manage this event as it will be 2 structures that we will be building

    Set fabric isle evernt februari 5th

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    This saturday we are going to build the abandoned isle project and next saturday we will go for the fabric isle.

    Could you plz update this milanda

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    Fabric Isle Bridge loc:20411-19727 Rebuild planned Saturday February 9th Topic
    Abandonned Island Rebuild Planned on January 29thTopic
    Topic is now updated[:)]

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    three more to add

    the lighthouse @ aroth's leap in NDL. Its by the pad u can't miss it [:P]
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