Morning All

I have put my plot up for sale. It is NE of the landing pad in Morning light 27964, 28402

It currently has a finished:
Human Guildhouse
Tier 3 Silo
JM Woodshop

and unfinished:
Tier 3 Silo - about 30% done
Tier 3 Consignors - about 20% done - mostly the oak

i've put it up for 2gold

If no one wants it, it will go back to the community in March, as my account runs out in the beginning of Feb.

As you can tell from this I'm leaving Hz for pastures new - WoW. Currently I'm in Final Beta and it is amazing. I'm not going to do a pros and cons flame here. Horizons was good while it lasted and I will miss my friends and the community from Ice and Unity.

Good luck all.

oh and Demelza Vahrokh has the staff for you.

/signing out Syrith the Explorer and Druid

Reborn Syrith the Tauren Shaman on Beta Server - WoW